REPORT: RPOF Chairman Facing Health Challenge


The fine folks at report that RPOF Chairman Dave Bitner will announce he has ALS/ Lou Gehrig’s disease. Our prayers are with our great chairman and his family:

“Bitner is also expected to announce that he is both willing and able to fully perform his duties and carry on as chairman of the Republican Party. has nothing but respect and admiration for Chairman Bitner’s decision to continue in his leadership role for the Republican Party while he battles this deadly disease.

Recently, I wrote about men who punch sharks in a post called We raise men in this house.

Bitner is a man who punches sharks, and as a Republican, I am proud to call him chairman.”

2 thoughts on “REPORT: RPOF Chairman Facing Health Challenge

  1. Jim

    I met Bitner at the Broward Lincoln Day Dinner…what a great guy. He was the last person to leave, staying and talking with everyone there. I really admire his courage and wish him all the best.



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