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[VIDEO] When Naked Woman Hijacked Online Meeting, Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal Declared “I Know Her!”

Nick Sortal To Naked Woman: “I Know Her!”
Plantation meeting hijacked by nude woman
Is Nick Sortal serious?
Nick Sortal makes crude remark, again.

When someone hijacked an official City of Plantation online meeting with graphic images of a naked woman, Councilman Nick Sortal could not act like an adult. Instead of apologizing for the close-up image of female genitalia, Nick Sortal make an inappropriate and unprofessional remark. Sortal said, “I know her!”

And Nick Sortal (D-Democrat) wants to be Mayor of Plantation?

(The video is so graphic, REDBROWARD obscured the nude woman with a GIF)

Two weeks ago, Sortal stunned a debate audience by declaring he “gets off on” helping people. Last week, we reported how Sortal urged residents to have sex during the lockdown.

Sortal admitted he was a “pervert” for making a sexual joke about Jesus Christ.

Sortal posted a nude picture of himself on National Nudist Day.

The Sun-Sentinel reported how Sortal told a female reporter “I know you have a lot of sex.”

Sortal told a female City employee about the state of his penis after an argument with Mayor Lynn Stoner.

Sortal told the same employee he was happy Plantation would never have a black mayor.

Nick Sortal is unfit for office. He should resign immediately and drop out of the mayoral race.

Plantation cannot gamble on Nick Sortal.

Nick Sortal Plantation Mayor
Nick Sortal