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Broward School Board Candidate Allen Zeman Shares Same Attorney, Office Space With “Mega-Lobbyist” Neil Sterling

Garry Johnson is Neil Sterling’s attorney
Nobody knew about SRG Technology or Allen Zeman

Two weeks ago, REDBROWARD exposed Broward School Board candidate Allen Zeman’s endorsement by controversial “mega-lobbyist” Neil Sterling. He was the adviser embroiled in the school board corruption cases that lead to the imprisonment of former School Board member Beverly Gallagher. After endorsing Zeman for his “laser-like focus on ethics,” the Sun-Sentinel pooh-poohed the Sterling endorsement as “thirteen year old news.” But records show deeper ties between Allen Zeman and Neil Sterling.

Yesterday, REDBROWARD revealed The Center For Human Capital Innovation, a company founded by Allen Zeman, gave $35,000 to the “Keep Students First” political committee. This committee was created by Zeman’s campaign treasurer Yolanda Brown.

According to State corporation records, the registered agent for Zeman’s Center For Human Capital Innovation was Garry Johnson, a Fort Lauderdale attorney. Johnson served as the registered agent for another Zeman owned company, Education AI.

In its 2022 filing with the State of Florida, Allen Zeman is listed as the current registered agent for the Center For Human Capital Innovation. The address listed for Zeman is 330 S.W. 2nd Avenue Suite 215 in Fort Lauderdale.

Allen Zeman 330 SW 2nd Street Suite 215 Fort Lauderdale FL 33312

According to published reports, Federal and State documents, the address currently used by Allen Zeman has been used by SRG Technology, a company owned by Neil Sterling. A Federal Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) filing lists Garry Johnson as an executive with SRG Technology.

Garry Johnson is listed as general counsel for SRG on the Blender Solutions website. Neil Sterling’s Blender Solutions provides virtual services for school districts in Georgia and Florida. Blender is deeply involved with the Palm Beach School District.

On Tuesday, REDBROWARD visited suite 215 at 330 SW 2nd St in Fort Lauderdale. Two men in the office did not know anything about Allen Zeman or SRG Technology.

Two week ago, REDBROWARD asked what Allen Zeman would do if Blender Solutions sought a deal with Broward Schools.

What is the relationship between Allen Zeman and Neil Sterling?

Why is Zeman using an address that houses another company?

Zeman preaches transparency.

Allen Zeman should answer these questions about Neil Sterling before the polls open next month, right?

What Will School Board Candidate Allen Zeman Do If Neil Sterling Tries To Put Broward Schools In His “Blender?”

“I am proud to have earned the Sun Sentinel’s thoughtful endorsement. They agree that our school board has an unacceptable culture, lacks transparency and ethical standards, and needs change. When elected, I will not accept ANY gifts from vendors and I will create an ethics advisory panel to advise board members. Broward’s students deserve better.”

Allen Zeman, July 14, 2022
Neil Sterling’s Client List. Is Broward Next?
Allen Zeman

Broward School Board candidate Allen Zeman talks a good game when it comes to corruption. Zeman likes to use buzzwords like ethics and transparency. Yet, when REDBROWARD asked him about support from “mega-lobbyist” Neil Sterling, Zeman was anything but transparent.

Zeman did not respond to our phone call or emails about Sterling. After our story was published, Zeman scrubbed Neil Sterling from his campaign website. Allen Zeman would rather hide his ties to Neil Sterling than answer simple questions.

Let’s assume Zeman is victorious in his campaign against incumbent School Board Member Donna Korn.

What happens if Neil Sterling seeks a contract with Broward Schools?

A contract for what you ask? Isn’t Neil Sterling just a lobbyist?

Sterling is the owner of Blender Solutions, a Fort Lauderdale based technology company offering digital solutions to teachers and students. According to its website, Neil Sterling founded Blender Solutions thirteen years ago, the exact same time when School Board Member Beverly Gallagher was arrested on corruption charges. Sterling and his partner Barbara Miller were two of Gallagher’s closest advisors.

Two of Blender Solutions’ biggest clients are Miami-Dade Public Schools and The School District of Palm Beach County.

Sterling’s company sponsored technology conferences for Palm Beach Schools and “powers” the District’s website.

Makes sense that Fort Lauderdale native Neil Sterling would want to provide services for his hometown schools, no?

What would Board Member Allen Zeman if Blender Solutions seeks a deal with Broward Schools?

Why did Zeman use same picture of Neil Sterling that’s on the Blender Solutions website?

Broward voters deserve answers, no?

Blender Solutions Neil Sterling
Allen Zeman version of Neil Sterling

(Editors Note: This reporter served on the Broward Schools Diversity Committee as an appointee of two board members, the final one being Donna Korn. I have not had any contact with Korn since 2018.)