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Broward Schools: Principals Must Prepare For Second Laptop Distribution Despite Lack Of Safety Protocols Amid Pandemic

Despite a lack of safety protocols in place to minimize the threat from COVID-19, the Broward School District wants principals and other administrators to report to schools to prepare for a second distribution of computer laptops. In a Wednesday conference call, principals and administrators were ordered to report to schools on Thursday and Friday to prepare for the distribution on Saturday. Even though schools are closed, students, teachers and staff are currently on spring break.

Last week, REDBROWARD exposed how long lines for laptops at Plantation High School violated CDC protocols for “social distancing.” Parents and kids waited in long lines before being ushered into a room to sign paperwork to receive a laptop. The Sun-Sentinel reported similar long lines at South Plantation High School.

Local media outlets were forced to join Superintendent Robert Runcie and several School Board Members at a laptop distribution at Walter C. Young Middle School in Pembroke Pines. Hours later, officials announced someone at the school tested positive for the Coronavirus. According to Local 10 News, “Broward Schools did not say whether the individual was a student, teacher or other staff member. According to the district, they were not made aware of the positive test until Saturday.”

One source, who requested anonymity fearing reprisals, stated morale is low among principals and administrators. “There are no safety protocols. There is no plan,” they said. “We are provided with a mask and gloves and told to give a laptop to anyone with a school ID.” The source say administrators are reluctant to say anything out of fear of losing their jobs.

Another source tells REDBROWARD that the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) told school officials its members would not participate in this second distribution.

Social Distancing? Broward Parents Forced To Wait In Long Lines For Laptops

For the last two weeks, the entire government from Fed to local, preached “social distancing.” Gatherings of 10 or more people were banned. The Catholic Church cancelled mass. Bars were closed. Spring Breakers were vilified for gathering on Fort Lauderdale Beach. “Curbside pickup” is the new normal at restaurants. But on Friday, hundreds of parents forced to stand in line together because they need to sign for laptops from the Broward County school district. WTF?!?

Parents waited in close quarters Friday morning outside Plantation High School for the distribution of laptops needed for remote learning.

Guess the Broward School District never heard of “social distancing.” Imagine a competent school system that distributed technology to students at the beginning of the school year.

UPDATE: The Sun-Sentinel reports long lines at South Plantation High School: