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Franklin Sands Is A Democrat


As part of our public service and in response to a large number of search engine requests, RED BROWARD will provide the party affiliation of notable Broward county candidates.

In the Broward School Board District 8-At Large race, candidate Franklin Sands is a Democrat.

Mr. Sands and his step son Alexander Heckler are big time lobbyists as well.

Broward School Board District 8 Race Gets Another Candidate

The race for one of the “at-large” Broward School Board seats just got a bit more crowded. Andrew Luciani, a school district employee, filed paperwork for the District 8 seat. Broward School Board Member Donna Korn has already announced her run as has Franklin “Stepdaddy” Sands (D-Sleepy).

Luciani, a Hollywood resident, ran for school board in 2008. Here’s some info from the Sun-Sentinel in 2008:

“If elected, Luciani said in his statement he would focus on ‘expanding learning opportunities’ for students and trying to lower the emphasis on FCAT scores.

Luciani applied in 2006 to serve as interim superintendent after the School Board fired Frank Till. He had served as a superintendent in New Jersey, and also worked in Broward as a teacher and assistant principal.

‘I have seen this district from every angle, under different leaders, through multiple generations,’ Luciani said in his statement. ‘I know first hand the challenges we face and can immediately begin to address them by working with our parents, teachers and community leaders.'”