Governor Rick Scott Suspends Sylvia Poitier

One day after she was charged with five misdemeanors, Deerfield Commissioner Sylvia Poitier (Democrat) has been suspended by Governor Rick Scott. Did Sylvia apologize? Hang her head in shame? Nope. “‘How could I be the only person in the world suspended on a misdemeanor?’ Poitier asked.” Only in Broward.

Broward Democrat Sylvia Poitier Surrenders Herself To Authorities!

CBS4 MIAMI confirms Sylvia Poitier, Deerfield City Commissioner and Broward Democrat, has been charged. “Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Sylvia Poitier has turned herself in to authorities to face five misdemeanor criminal counts of falsifying records. The charges stem from information submitted on conflict of interest forms the 75-year old life long Deerfield Beach resident filed […]

Report: Deerfield Democrat Sylvia Poitier Charged with 5 Misdemeanors

SF Times reports Deerfield Commissioner Sylvia Poitier has been charged with 5 Misdemeanors. “According to sources, prosecutors with the Broward State Attorney’s Office are charging Poitier with five misdemeanor counts related to a loan her brother, Lionel Ferguson, gave to the Westside Deerfield Businessmen Association (WDBA) and forms she completed related to the loan. WDBA […]