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Why Is George Soros’ PAC Endorsing Coral Springs Commission Candidate Nancy Metayer?

Controversial billionaire George Soros is no stranger to funding far-left groups and candidates all over the world. Soros is a major player in U.S. politics with his funding of progressive and Democrat candidates. Over the last decade, Soros has funded lower level campaigns on local level such as Secretary of State races and district attorney races in big U.S. cities.

In August, REDBROWARD revealed George Soros’ Win Justice PAC backed Joe Kimok, a far-left Democrat running for Broward State Attorney. Kimok was beaten by Harold Pryor who faces off against Republican Gregg Rossman next week.

In September, REDBROWARD revealed George Soros sent close to $7 million dollars to a small corporation in Fort Lauderdale to help mold Broward County politics.

But even with all the money he sent to Broward, it appears George Soros finally dipped his toe into municipal politics with his backing of Nancy Metayer for Coral Springs City Commission.

Why does a far-left billionaire with the ear of global leaders care about Coral Springs politics?

Soros’ backing would explain why 90% of Nancy Metayer’s campaign contributions come from progressive sources outside of the City of Coral Springs.

This includes support of far-left politicians like Broward Mayor Dale Holness, Tamarac Commissioner Mike Gelin, Plantation Councilwoman Denise Horland and Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana.

Earlier this week, Nancy Metayer refused to discuss her plans to “defund” the Coral Springs police budget.

George Soros is a key funded of the “defund the police” movement.

Could that be the reason?

Coral Springs voters deserve answers before Tuesday November 3rd.

Cain Campaign Apologizes To Reporter Shoved By “Independent Journalist”/ Coral Springs Police Officer

As Red Broward was first to report, an embedded journalist with the Cain campaign was roughed up by gentleman identified as a Coral Springs police officer. Here is the story from CBS NEWS:

“The incident happened when several journalists who have been covering Cain regularly tried to film the candidate as he was returning to his campaign bus after an event here. As the journalists trailed Cain, a man in plain clothes blindsided National Journal/CBS News reporter Lindsey Boerma into the side of the campaign bus. Moments later, as journalists circled around the bus toward Cain, the same man stuck his arm out and clothes-lined Boerma.

The man refused to identify himself. He implied he was a police officer when he suggested that one of his ‘buddies’ in uniform could give the reporter a ride in the back of a police car. When other journalists began videotaping him, he pulled out his cell phone and started recording the press. ‘I’m an independent reporter,’ he said.

Afterwards, Lt. Joe McHugh of the Coral Springs Police Department identified the man as one of his officers and defended his actions. ‘The reporter was running up along the side of the bus with no identification on identifying herself as a reporter,’ McHugh said. ‘So the officer stuck his arm out to prevent her from getting to Mr. Cain and at which time he was successful.’

Boerma was not wearing press tags but was carrying a video camera with a plainly visible CBS decal. She is a member of a team of reporters covering the presidential candidates for National Journal and CBS News.

McHugh said the officer, Sgt. William Reid, suffered a hyper-extended elbow.”

Another embedded journalist told Red Broward that the CBS reporter was “body checked” by the officer. Developing…


Read the full CBS NEWS report here.