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Using powers delegated by a recent executive order by Governor Ron DeSantis, Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry has ordered “all nonessential retail and commercial business locations” closed as of 12:01 AM Monday March 23, 2020. The move comes as President Donald Trump and the Center For Disease Control (CDC) limited public gatherings to stop the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Bertha Henry

For the last week, Governor DeSantis and Broward leaders urged nonessential businesses to voluntarily shutter. Businesses allowed to remain open included grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, gas stations, banks and restaurants for takeout and delivery service only. However, Bertha Henry’s list of essential businesses allowed to remain open is lengthy.

These “essential” businesses include:

Groups which provide food/shelter/social services to needy.

Auto dealerships

Insurance firms

Open construction sites

Gardening stores

Newspapers, television, radio and media services

Contractors and tradesmen

Landscaping companies

Pool service companies

Mailing services and mailbox stores


Dry cleaners



Taxis, trains, buses

Legal services


Animal hospitals


Assisted living facilities

So, what exactly is closed?

180 Coronavirus Patients In Broward County

Coronavirus data from Florida Department of Health as of March 22, 2020 at 9:50am.

Total Florida Cases

Broward cases:

Residents 172

Non-residents 8

Total Tests: 1,75

Negative Tests: 1,395

Positive Tests: 180

Awaiting Results: 208

Breakdown of Coronavirus Cases In Broward County

Numbers from the Florida Department of Health as of 10:00am March 21, 2020:

Total cases: 164 (Residents-156, Non-residents-8)

Demographics of Cases-State:

Age Range: 17 to 96

Average Age: 50

Men: 102

Women: 62

Conditions and Care

Deaths: 3

Hospitaliztions: 30

Case Designations

Travel-Related: 63

Not Travel-Related: 63

Travel Unknown: 38

Broward cases:

Total: 151 (Residents-142, Non-residents-9)

Broward cases without foreign travel or contact with confirmed case: 53

Cases without foreign travel or contact with confirmed case, by city:


Fort Lauderdale—11




Oakland Park—2


Total Broward tests: 1,358

Negative: 1,207

Positive: 151

Awaiting results: 246

Percent Positive: 11%

Details on Florida COVID-19 Deaths