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Pembroke Pines High School Principal Apologizes For Posing With Blue Lives Matter Flag

Peter Bayer, principal of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School, is under fire for a social media post where he apologized for posing with a flag supporting law enforcement officers. Bayer apologized on Instagram for appearing in a group photograph with Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis and other elected officials alongside an American flag adorned with a “thin blue line.” The symbol has become a popular method of showing support for police and first responders.

On his official Instagram account, Principal Bayer wrote:

Several years ago [Pembroke Pines Charter High School] hosted a “First Responders” appreciation day for the men and women in Pembroke Pines that work in the field of police, fire and health care. A photo was taken that day at the fountain, which I am in along with a number honorees and includes two flags in the background that were put up by (now former) students. One of the flags is associated with efforts to trivialize the Black Lives Matter movement.

I offer my sincere apologies for not being more aware of the racial and hurtful implications of the symbol at the time, and I thank those that had the courage to bring this egregious oversight to my attention today. Pembroke Pines Charter High School is an institution of lifelong learners. That goes for all,of us, not just the students.


It’s appears as though Principal Peter Bayer has since disabled his social media accounts. Outraged parents took to social media to share Bayer’s apology. Sources say Bayer is meeting with Pines City Manager Charlie Dodge and Pembroke Pines Police representatives on Tuesday afternoon.

One Pembroke Pines resident shared this with REDBROWARD: