Broward Children’s Museum Director Lustily Boos As Topless Woman Mocks Donald Trump, Hillary & Netanyahu (NSFW VIDEO) In the latest not-safe-for-work (NSFW) video from a Broward children’s museum artist, Young At Art executive director Mindy Shrago lustily boos as a topless woman mocks Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Last week, REDBROWARD exposed this strange political get together where Shrago and other guests whacked pinatas of Trump and Ted Cruz while wearing Bernie […]

Foreign Insurance Interests Helping Dale Holness Re-election To Broward Commission

A shadowy political committee supporting the re-election of Broward County Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness is funded by the director of a Cayman Islands-based reinsurance company. Even though the Latino Vote of South Florida political committee was formed in July 2015, it did not receive any contributions until last week. Four of the five contributions are […]

Chris Smith Has Plan To Clean Up Broward District 9

​​ For the last four years, while controversial County Commissioner Dale Holness has focused on trips to the Caribbean and exerting his influence in Miramar, his central Broward district has fallen further behind other neighborhoods. State Senator Chris Smith says the condition of District 9 convinced him to skip retirement to the private sector. Smith […]