Alcee Hastings, Sun-Sentinel Touted Political Activities Of Broward Elections Office Lawyer

Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Brenda Snipes may be clueless, but Congressman Alcee Hastings and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel touted the political activities of Snipes’ “right-hand lawyer” Burnadette Norris Weeks. At a Broward County Commission workshop this week, Snipes admitted she did not know Norris Weeks gave money to candidates with legal matters involving SOE. […]

Taking Out The Trash: Wheelabrator Celebrates “Clueless” Broward

Everyone else in town is writing about the epic trash-talk at the Broward County Commission as your fearless leaders decide between Wheelabrator and Sun Bergeron. Ilene Lieberman and Stacy Ritter are involved so you know someone is looking out for the peons common man. But tonight’s your big chance to hobnob with the big society […]

Broward County Commission Powerless Against Jazz Hands and Sing-A-Longs (VIDEO)

The Broward County Commission shot down County Administrator Bertha Henry’s free speech ordinance. Ms. Henry told the packed Commission meeting that she didn’t want to limit free speech; She said they just wanted to know who was protesting. A surly Ilene Lieberman tried to impress the audience with her award-winning knowledge of Constitutional law. Lieberman […]