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Jacquelyn Jackie Scott Fort Lauderdale

Apple Air Tag Helps Police Find Stolen Campaign Sign Inside Vehicle of Fort Lauderdale Commission Candidate Jacquelyn “Jackie” Scott

Jacquelyn “Jackie” Scott

A high-tech tracking device helped Fort Lauderdale Police locate a stolen campaign sign on Wednesday. After numerous signs went missing, Fort Lauderdale Commission candidate Mike Lambrechts embedded Apple Air Tag devices in a batch of yard signs. When one went missing this week, the Air Tag lead police to the Colee Hammock home of Lambrechts’ opponent Jacquelyn “Jackie” Scott.

Lambrechts’ yard sign was located inside Scott’s green vehicle.

The proverbial “caught red handed” scenario.

Ms. Scott told Fort Lauderdale Police officers she had permission to remove the sign. Lambrechts had a signed affidavit proving Scott did not have permission.

While Scott was not arrested, a police report was filed. The entire incident was captured on police body cameras.

A source close to the Lambrechts campaign told REDBROWARD that the Fort Lauderdale Police Chief and City Officials were informed of the situation.

REDBROWARD contacted Jackie Scott for comment. “No comment,” Scott said.