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Broward Judge Wannabe Lea Krauss Uses American Flags As Hood Ornaments

Broward County Circuit Court Judge candidate Lea Krauss’ use of the American flag as a hood ornament is a clear violation of the United States Flag Code. Krauss draped the hood and trunk of her convertible Mercedes-Benz with American Flags during the City of Weston 4th of July parade. Krauss posted pictures of the Federal violations on her Facebook campaign page. 

4 U.S Code Section 7(b) states: “The flag should not be draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle….”

One flag was tucked under the hood of Krauss’ fancy convertible. The other flag was taped to the trunk with blue tape.

Krauss’ wife even leans on the American flag for a picture.

This is not the first time Krauss’ pictures have caused controversy. Last month, REDBROWARD revealed Krauss’ inappropriate selfies taken during services at the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale. Her selfie faux pas made it into the national headlines of the POLITICO website.

You may excuse Krauss’ flag foul by claiming she’s unaware of Federal law. But Krauss is paying big bucks to a Tallahassee law firm to keep her campaign on the straight and narrow.

Last month, BrowardBeat.com reported Krauss paid nearly $8,000 to the law firm.  Krauss told Browardbeat.com “she paid the money so she would be sure to following every letter of the law: ‘I would always cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I.’ I think that’s prudent.'”

Krauss’ opponent, Maxine Streeter said, “A judge’s job is to know the law, to research the law. If somebody needs assistance, it certainly calls into question their preparation to be a judge.”

Looks like neither Krauss, her wife nor her pricey Tallahassee law firm included the United States Flag Code in their preparation.

Then again, does anybody really need high-priced lawyers to know you never desecrate the American flag on the Fourth of July or any day?