Roger Stone Documents “The Clintons’ War On Women”

IMG_4547New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone takes on Bill & Hillary Clinton in “The Clintons’ War On Women.” The latest book by the Broward-based political consultant extraordinaire is available now on Amazon and other outlets. Stone will have a book signing event next week in Fort Lauderdale at Barnes & Noble.

“If Clinton Cash was the essential exposé of the Clintons’ financial crimes, this is the ultimate exposé of their non-financial crimes” said Stone. “This is the sordid true story of serial rape, intimidation, strong arm tactics, physical violence against witnesses, break-ins, coverup, drugs, greed and ambition.“

Stone and co-author Robert Morrow detail the Clintons’ actions starting in Arkansas, to the White House and the Clinton Foundation. “Hillary is an advocate for women unless the woman is unlucky enough to be a victim of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault, then they are the target of Hillary’s denigration and terror tactics aimed at silencing them,” said Stone. “While Bill Clinton has abused women physically, Hillary has abused them psychologically.”

Stone recently left his role as adviser to Presidential candidate Donald Trump. He remains as one of Trump’s biggest supporters with regular appearances on Fox News, CNN and other media outlets. Locally, Stone advised Broward Sheriff Scott Israel during the 2012 campaign.


Lauren Book’s Democrat Challenger is Huge Ben Carson Supporter

Emmanuel Blimie, via Twitter
Emmanuel Blimie, via Twitter

The Davie Democrat running against Lauren Book for the Florida Senate District 33 seat is a huge supporter of Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Emmanuel Say Blimie filed his campaign paperwork last week. Book, a children’s rights advocate, is the overwhelming favorite in the SD 33 race.

The Liberian-born Blimie, a Nova Southeastern student, is an an author. According to his page, Blimie “continuously canvassed, advocated issues that were important to Broward County and the Democratic ticket including the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Emmanuel landed hands to the campaigns of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Charlie Crist. He also sway voters to vote for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Bill Nelson.” However, Blimie’s time with the Crist campaign was short-lived.

Commenting on a November 2014 Tampa Bay Times story, Blimie wrote, ” I canvassed and then ceased two weeks into it. And my reason, voters were disengaged so badly that they wished there was an independent alternative…”

Nine months ago, Blimie was posting comments on the campaign website for Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson. Blimie wrote, “My mission is, to win hearts and help elect Dr. Carson for President within my turf. I am a registered NPA and an a author. More on me at” Blimie used his work on the Obama campaign to impress Carson supporters.

“I canvassed for Obama in Florida and my turf ranked within the top for canvassing-door knocking, voter registration, phone calls and turnouts. I am talking about Broward County, Florida,” Blimie wrote. “Should you need a Field Organizer, or other aids in South Florida count me in.”

For more information on Blimie, check out his Facebook page, “No. 1 Future Millionaire.