Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book on Tax Break for Diapers & Incontinence Products: “This Tax Relief Will Go a Long Way”

Lauren Book

From the press office of Florida Senate Democrats:

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, in response to the Governor signing HB 7063: Taxation, which includes a permanent tax exemption for diapers and incontinence products, Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book (D-Davie) shared this statement:

“After years of fighting for Florida families, we made history last year by eliminating sales tax on diapers for one year. A true difference- maker for families with young kids across our state — because we know that they deserve relief from rising costs, and because we know that essential health and hygiene items should not be taxed. Period.

This was an incredible start — but we knew we needed to do more to provide permanent relief — not only for those families with young children, but to also ensure incontinence products for people of all ages are included, too.

I have been working on this since my very first session, when my own kids were in diapers. President Passidomo presented the bill for me during a committee week when I was on maternity leave. And now, here we are — after years and years of fighting, I could not be more proud of our bipartisan work to bring Floridians real, permanent tax relief for baby diapers AND incontinence products for Floridians of all ages.

Florida families should not be forced to choose between filling up their gas tank, putting food on the table, or buying needed diapers. This tax relief will go a long way to help those who need it most.”


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