Broward Teacher Behind Viral Video Admits Outdated Books Are NOT Being Banned

Allison Ronis

Days after her video claiming books were being banned in Broward Schools went viral, teacher Allison Ronis admits no books were banned. As RedBroward reported on Monday, Ronis, a micro tech computer specialist, showed her TikTok audience boxes of books and empty library shelves. Ronis claimed she was told the books were banned by the State of Florida.

Ronis’ video went viral after several liberal websites used it to attack Governor Ron DeSantis.

The State and the Broward School District were quick to debunk Ronis’ claims.

Florida Department of Education communications director Alex Lafranconi wrote, “I cannot emphasize enough how completely untrue this is. Anyone sharing this video is lying to you. Broward County has already confirmed this is simply end of the year library inventory. The state is not involved in any way.”

John Sullivan, Broward Schools Chief Communications and Legislative Affairs Officer, wrote, “This video is not accurate and is simply a false representation. The State (@EducationFL) has not banned any books @browardschools. The school shown in the video was updating/refreshing its book inventory.”

Following the comments by the State and the District, Ronis made the video private. She said she was “kindly asked” to remove the viral video.

In her latest video, Ronis provided an update to her TikTok fans.

She says the books are still at the school. Ronis says she was told the books were outdated. But in this video Ronis makes it clear that these books were not banned.

Allison Ronis

1 thought on “Broward Teacher Behind Viral Video Admits Outdated Books Are NOT Being Banned

  1. boomerbabysage

    So, in other words, the Broward school system is the only one with any common sense in the state of Florida at this point and one of the few pushing back on DeSantis’ Nazification



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