Jamaican Government Officials Helping Marlon Bolton Raise Money For “Broward Vision PAC”

Marlon Bolton

Jamaican government officials are joining forces with Broward elected officials to raise money for a State of Florida political committee closely tied to Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton. On Friday May 5th, Jamaican Consul General Oliver Mair will join Marlon Bolton and his fellow Tamarac Commissioner Morey Wright at the Marriott North in Fort Lauderdale to celebrate the Jamaican singer known as “Spice.”

Published reports claim Bolton will present Spice with the “Key To The Region” award. “I am honored to receive the Key to the Region of Florida from Vice Mayor Bolton,” says Spice. “Throughout my career, it has always been important to me to spread our beautiful Jamaican culture around the world.”

Bolton will be joined by Miramar Commissioners Alexandra Davis, Maxwell Chambers, Yvette Colbourne and North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the keynote address will be delivered by Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamina Smith Johnson.

A flyer for “An Evening of Excellence Honoring Spice” indicates “general theatre” tickets costs $45 while a VIP ticket (with dinner!) will cost $500 per person.

The flyers and press release states, “All proceeds from the night will be donated to Broward Vision PAC. All tickets purchased are a donation to Broward Vision PAC. Tickets are available at https://BrowardVision.org/Ball.


In 2021, REDBROWARD exposed the deep ties between Broward Vision PAC and Marlon Bolton.

In September 2019, Trace Robinson created the Broward Vision PAC political committee using the same post office box address used by businesses owned by Marlon Bolton.

Florida business records list Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson as owners of The Driven Project, Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church, and South Florida Theological Seminary, Inc.

State of Florida campaign records show Broward Vision PAC received $15,000 in contributions from Coastal Waste And Recycling, a local waste management company. Last week, REDBROWARD revealed Marlon Bolton solicited and delivered campaign checks to fellow Tamarac Commissioner Morey Wright from Coastal Waste.

On a disclosure form Bolton wrote, “Delivered a contribution from Coastal Waste to Morey Wright on 10/25. Communicated with Waste Management 10/26, provided Westway Towing # 10/27. Provided contact for Malcom Butters to Michelson campaign on 10/27.”

Wright reported the receipt of a $1,000 check from Coastal Waste.

According to financial reports filed with the State of Florida, Broward Vision PAC has paid nearly $44,000 to a company with close ties to Marlon Bolton.

Since its formation, Broward Vision PAC paid $1,400 to Exy Consultants, a fictitious corporation created under the Happy Feet Advertising LLC name by Robinson. Exy Consultants used the same P.O. Box 451711 address as Marlon Bolton. Trace Robinson is the founder of Happy Feet Advertising.

Florida business records show the post office box address used by Happy Feet Advertising has been used by Marlon Bolton since at least 2014. These businesses include Tyson Bolton and Associates, Forecast Holdings, LLC, Prophet Fire, and Win Without War.

In March 2023 alone, Broward Vision Pac paid $16,000 to Happy Feet Advertising.

Last year REDBROWARD also revealed ties between Broward Vision PAC and North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin. On September 11, 2020, Regina Martin announced Broward Vision endorsed her campaign. “Thank you Broward Vision for your support and endorsement of our campaign.”

In addition to the Broward Vision PAC endorsement, records show Martin hired Happy Feet Advertising and Mojo Global Holdings to work on her 2020 campaign.


State records show Carl K. Williams is the managing member of Mojo Global Holdings. The State records list P.O. Box 246164 in Pembroke Pines as the mailing address for Mojo Global Holdings. 

State records list Carl Williams and the P.O. Box 246164 on the business records for New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida. While the post office box is listed as its mailing address, since 2017, corporate records show the principal address of New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida as 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale.

Since 2015, the storefront at 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale has been the principal address for Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church. This church is owned by Marlon Bolton.

Records show Broward Vision PAC made three payments in 2023 to Mojo Global Holdings totaling $15,340.

On April 12, 2019, Carl Williams created the “Go Tamarac Go PAC” using the P.O. Box 246164 mailing address. The only money listed in the Go Tamarac Go reports is a $1,750 contribution by the PAC’s treasurer Malucci Joseph. Tamarac campaign records show Joseph made contributions to Marlon Bolton’s campaign.

Also on April 12, 2019, Carl Williams formed the “Residents United PAC” using the P.O. Box 246164 address.

According to Residents United campaign reports, since 2021, it has received nearly $57,000 in contributions from Forecast Holdings LLC.

State Records show Forecast Holdings LLC is owned by Marlon Bolton.

Marlon Bolton has repeatedly refused to answer questions about Happy Feet Advertising, Broward Vision PAC and numerous other political committees run by his close associates.

Why are foreign government officials helping Bolton raise money for these political committees?

Why is the Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs involved with Broward elected officials?

Does the Jamaican government and its officials regularly participate in local political fundraising activities?

Do other foreign governments involve themselves in Broward politics?

And what the heck is the “Key To The Region?”

Broward County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers With Jamaican Consul General Oliver Mair

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  1. Captain Redbeard Rum

    Guess where else Bolton and Spice have fraternized?




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