Broward Dems Elect Alfredo Olvera As New State Committeeman

Members of the Broward Democratic Executive Committee elected Alfredo Olvera as their new State Committeeman. Olvera, a Fort Lauderdale real estate agent, replaces longtime committeeman Ken Evans who abruptly resigned last month. Olvera, president of the Dolphin Democrats, defeated Ted Victor 109-86.

According to sources, Victor was the favored candidate of Party chairman Rick Hoye. Victor, a teacher, has deep ties to the Broward Teachers Union. Victor’s loss is another setback for Hoye. Party executive director Ryann Greenberg, a Hoye ally, recently resigned from her post.

Ted Victor

1 thought on “Broward Dems Elect Alfredo Olvera As New State Committeeman

  1. Patti Lynn

    It really doesn’t matter which of the candidates was anyone’s favorite. The Broward Dems will come together around Alfredo, our State Committeeman and Grace, our Committeewoman, as well as our Broward Chair, Rick Hoye. We have a lot of work to do and, with the help of our State Chair, Nikki Fried, we WILL get it done!



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