Career Statistics For Broward Sheriff Greg Tony aka “Top Athlete”

Career statistics for former Florida State University football player Greg Tony. Now the Sheriff of Broward County, Tony told WIOD he was a “top athlete” at FSU. You be the judge.


2 thoughts on “Career Statistics For Broward Sheriff Greg Tony aka “Top Athlete”

  1. Jerry Fuller

    Are you suggesting this dummy exaggerated his football stats to make himself look better? Stop being so critical of Sheriff Home Invasion Robbery. According to him he would’ve been running into the World Trade Centers on 9/11, that’s not the least bit offensive to everyone who lost a loved one on that day. Greg Tony is a pathological liar and the dummies who believe him need their head checked. Ask Sheriff LSD why he didn’t tell CSPD he applied to Tallahassee PD. The guy is a fraud and Gov DeSantis is to thank for this moron being Sheriff. If you need advice on finding someone to have sex with your wife call Sheriff Swinger, anything law enforcement related you should probably call someone else.


  2. Patti Lynn

    Imagine being a BSO employee, whether sworn or civilian, and knowing that your “boss” is a liar, a murderer, a swinger, and a certified idiot. He gets away with all of those things and FIRES dedicated public servants for much less than he ever did. Morale??? I just hope that they don’t give up.



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