Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Ending the Corporate Kingdom of Walt Disney World

From the press office of Governor Ron DeSantis:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill (HB) 9-B, Reedy Creek Improvement District, Orange, and Osceola Counties, to end self-governing status and special privileges provided to Walt Disney World through the Reedy Creek Improvement District and establish a new state-controlled district accountable to the people of Florida. The bill provides legislative intent on the district’s authority to raise revenue and pay outstanding bonds and other obligations without interruption. More on HB 9-B can be found here.

“Allowing a corporation to control its own government is bad policy, especially when the corporation makes decisions that impact an entire region,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “This legislation ends Disney’s self-governing status, makes Disney live under the same laws as everybody else, and ensures that Disney pays its debts and fair share of taxes.”

HB 9-B ends Disney’s self-governing status and imposes a five-member state control board that is appointed by the Governor and subject to Senate confirmation.

This legislation amends the Reedy Creek Improvement District charter which: 

  • ENDS Disney’s self-governing status.
  • ENDS Disney’s exemption from the Florida Building Code and Florida Fire Prevention Code.
  • ENDS Disney’s exemption from state regulatory reviews and approvals.
  • ENDS Disney’s secrecy by ensuring transparency. 
  • ENSURES that Disney will pay its fair share of taxes.
  • PREVENTS leftist local governments from using the situation to raise local taxes.
  • IMPOSES Florida law so that Disney is no longer given preferential treatment.
  • ENSURES that Disney’s municipal debt will be paid by Disney, not Florida taxpayers.


2 thoughts on “Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Ending the Corporate Kingdom of Walt Disney World

  1. boomerbabysage

    Tom, you mean that same legislation his minions in Tallahassee HAD to generate in order to pull DeSantis’ posterior out of the crapper for screwing things up when he raced in to spank Disney for not kissing his ring on his Don’t Say Gay bill and was so cock-sure about it he overlooked, among other things, the billions the Reedy Creek area taxpayers would have to pay due to the poorly thought out original knee jerk on this by the Gov? Helps to have a supermajority in place who doesn’t give a crap about checks & balances and won’t hesitate to try and clean up his mistakes…like also with his non-Floridian immigrants political stunt that state law didn’t then authorize him to do (as in, being illegal), much less use our taxpayer money to fund?


  2. Bob the knob

    Disney was a secret CIA operation / financier. What was really going on In the tunnels beneath!? Desantis just put a stop to their fun. Do your research



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