Ethics Commission Finds Probable Cause (Again) In Broward Sheriff Tony Case

Once again, the Florida Commission on Ethics found probable cause in a case involving Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, according to multiple sources. Last week’s hearing ended with an 8-1 vote in favor of probable cause. The Commission will reportedly recommend the removal of Sheriff Tony. One source said Tony did not attend the hearing.

In September, the Florida Commission on Ethics found probable cause to believe Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony misued his office when he provided false information to gain employment. According to a press release, the Commission overruled the opinion of its advocate. The matter stems from Tony failing to disclose previous legal matters when applying for a job with the Coral Springs Police Department, applying for a driver license and forms filed with FDLE while he was Sheriff.

Will Governor Ron DeSantis visit Broward in January to address this matter?


5 thoughts on “Ethics Commission Finds Probable Cause (Again) In Broward Sheriff Tony Case

  1. Joe Goldner

    The person that will make Broward County safe again is ready to take over as sheriff and Governor Desantis knows it. It is time to clean up Broward County


  2. Gitmo for Greg Tony

    Greg Tony knows something about the 2020 election that DeSantis doesn’t want out to the public. It’s my belief that Tony already threatened to release this secret. Either way Tony’s freedom is coming to an end soon. The military will come looking for him very soon. #Treason #Fraud


  3. Captain Redbeard Rum

    Bolton’s hearing from dead people again (see youtu[dot]be/iJ0kxecJbJk from 3:16:25 to 3:20:00). Now he claims he doesn’t actually speak with the dead, but he’s able to intercept their last message before leaving earth. Maybe Bolton can tell us the last message of the kid Greg Tony shot in Philly before he departed? I bet that could clear up quite a few issues.

    Bonus footage: Bolton literally knocks a demon out of some poor woman at 3:27:11.



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