“NEFARIOUS FORCES:”Complaint Filed With FL Department Of Education Over Broward School Superintendent’s Attempt To “Politicize” Move To Fire Her

Redacted copy of complaint filed with FL DOE Inspector General.

Broward School Superintendent Vickie Cartwright improperly tried to enlist the help of school principals in her fight against the “nefarious forces” who wanted to fire her, this according to a complaint filed with the Florida Department of Education, Office of the Inspector General. REDBROWARD obtained a copy of the complaint which details an October 24, 2022 meeting between Cartwright and members of Broward Principals and Assistants Association. The meeting came on the eve of a School Board meeting where Cartwright’s continuing employment was to be discussed.

According to the complaint, during an October 24th meeting with principals at a school district “facility,” Cartwright “requested” that school principals attend the October 25, 2022 board meeting which would discuss her employment. The complaint alleges Cartwright’s request was “inappropriate and unethical” because:

  • Cartwright “determines” the evaluation and placement of principals.
  • Cartwright “politicized” a professional meeting.
  • Principals “were made to feel uncomfortable” because Cartwright made herself out to be “the victim of nefarious forces, implying that the Governor’s appointees were out to get her.”

The complaint claims Cartwright’s actions created a hostile work environment. The complaint states “several hundred principals” were at this meeting.

An unpublished comment from the October 25, 2022 meeting appears to back up the alleges made in the complaint.

The comment by “Prince Apple” claims they attended the October 24th principals meeting. “For ten painful minutes, the Superintendent tried to motivate the crowd and it did not go well,” they wrote.

Apple wrote, “[Cartwright] tried to persuade school principals to stand up for her….”

Apple claimed district administrators were “working the crowd” in an attempt to get principals to speak on Cartwright’s behalf at the board meeting.

Cartwright was not fired at the October 25th board meeting. The Board voted to give Cartwright a ninety day reprieve

Then, the Board reversed themselves and fired Cartwright two weeks ago.

As of publication, Cartwright has not responded to a request for comment.


1 thought on ““NEFARIOUS FORCES:”Complaint Filed With FL Department Of Education Over Broward School Superintendent’s Attempt To “Politicize” Move To Fire Her

  1. Barney Marc Agate

    More cowardice from political wannabes in positions of responsibility in Broward Schools. Trash, pure trash. These thugs are paid premium salaries to educate the children; their behavior shows how to stab people in the back. Frankly, I’d love to see performance standards and implemented to help these “crybabies” get some work done.



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