Donald Trump Launches 2024 Presidential Bid

The first email from the Donald Trump 2024 Presidential campaign:

Many people have been speculating for a long time, and today I can confirm it’s true: I am OFFICIALLY running to be the next President of the United States, and together we are going to make our Country great again!

When I was your President, we put America First and accomplished more than any other president, and under circumstances that no president had to deal with before. No matter what the Left-wing media and their friends, the Democrats, threw at us, we NEVER stopped working to Make America Great Again.

And, Friend, we did Make America Great Again. Then Joe Biden ruined our Country faster than anyone could ever imagine. That’s why I’m running AGAIN, we need to save our Country.

Democrats have all but destroyed everything we accomplished under my administration because they want to take away your dignity and your destiny.

I will NEVER let them do that, which is why I am proud to announce that I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024.I’m calling on my most fierce and loyal supporters, like YOU, to cement your name in history as one of the FIRST Official 2024 Presidential Founders.

Your generous contributions in the past have been a MAJOR reason we’ve been able to FIGHT BACK against the radical Left, and I’m counting on you to step up again at this critical time. We need to have the largest fundraising day ever to send a message.

I need your support now more than ever, Friend. The Democrats hate me more now than they did in 2020,and I need all hands on deck if we’re going to defeat them.

We need to prioritize PROTECTING the integrity of our Elections, SECURINGour Southern Border, RESTORING our once-great economy, and STANDING UP to our enemies, domestic and abroad. All these things will be of the utmost importance, but I can only accomplish them with YOUR help.

My team is going to send me a list with the names of every Patriot who contributes to become an Official 2024 Presidential Founder. Will I see your name on the list?

Thank you, 

President Donald J. Trump Signature Headshot

Donald J. Trump


1 thought on “Donald Trump Launches 2024 Presidential Bid

  1. boomerbabysage

    I’m stocked up with beer & popcorn. Can’t wait to sit back and watch the Trump vs. DeSantis war unfold. Trump’s ego just can’t let him back down. Murdoch’s written him off and only put a banner at the bottom of today’s NY Post captioned as:” Florida Man Makes Announcement” with reference to an inner page for the “story” about Trump taking the stage last night. And Murdoch’s Fox network cut away from his ramblings well before he was done. That will undoubtedly inflame Trump even more. As an aside, McConnell plays his political cards well and shuts down Scott in his attempt to replace him as the minority leader in the Senate. Scott’s just burying himself further…couldn’t happen to a better con man. God only knows how the majority leader position in the House will play out in the back corridors. The party’s likely to devour itself from within over the next year. I may not even have enough beer & popcorn for all the potential viewing pleasure in the months ahead.



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