Commission Candidate Kevin Cochrane Doesn’t Like Fort Lauderdale Skyscrapers Yet He Films Campaign Commerical From Fort Lauderdale Skyscraper

Team Cochrane Is Allowed To Enjoy Tall Buildings
Team Cochrane Enjoys The Views, Not You.

Last month, REDBROWARD pointed out the hypocrisy of Fort Lauderdale District 4 Commission candidate Kevin Cochrane. While he rants and raves about tall buildings ruining infrastructure and the beach, Cochrane purchased two units in the pricey (and tall) Point of The Americas building directly on Fort Lauderdale beach. Cochrane’s do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude isn’t surprising. After all, Cochrane admits he wants to make Fort Lauderdale more like his home state of California.

Cochrane’s hypocrisy was on display again this week when his campaign released a new online video.

In the commercial, two Cochrane supporters discuss why voters should select him to replace Ben Sorensen. Both mention Cochrane’s commitment to curb development and infrastructure.

Oddly enough, both videos were filmed atop a large Fort Lauderdale skyscraper overlooking downtown and the river.

In Team Cochrane’s world, they get to live in the million dollar beachfront condos. They get to work from the buildings with million dollar views of yachts going up and down the New River.

You? Well, you might need to live in a tiny home in grandma’s backyard or a micro-apartment to protect the sewers from bursting.

Kevin Cochrane

3 thoughts on “Commission Candidate Kevin Cochrane Doesn’t Like Fort Lauderdale Skyscrapers Yet He Films Campaign Commerical From Fort Lauderdale Skyscraper

  1. katdog2

    Hello Tom,Ca we Please get back to focusing more on the school board election!???That’s critical!What is with zeman and his ties?  Why does he want to be the sb at large so badly?  Who bought a darker melanined politician to get the vote away from Raymond Adderly, in august, so he wouldn’t win that election? Listen, just so you know, you are red broward and you are chiding the only true republican candidate in Kevin!!!!  Look at his contributions to republican campaigns.  And I’m an independent who has voted with dems most my life so I know.  I live in a one story house built in 1954 very close to where Kevin lives. And I must tell you that, although his buildings he lives in are tall. They are not nearly as tall as where Fort Lauderdale wants to build, and they haven’t been knocked down to make taller buildings. Can u pick on the other candidates equally, or are you trying to get Kevin’s name out so he gets the vote?Read next door and find out what Ed and Jackie did with their political signs, and what Mike has on his record as far as ppp loans and look at his absent voting record.  Look at who is getting campaign contributions from big developers!??What has Kevin taken donations from???? Thank you,A concerned FLL voter 

    Sent from K M D


    1. Tom Lauder Post author

      You want me to lay off Cochrane because of party registration? That’s what created the mess we’re in. I can multitask. Thanks for reading


      1. katdog2

        Thanks Tom.I’m not a friend of Cochrane and I don’t even know who I’m going to vote for.Just wondering why you call yourself Red Broward. When we first met you, it was because of the boundary changes at Harbordale Elem.What of the other candidates?Who can we trust?Thanks for response!

        Sent from K M D


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