Allen Zeman Endorsements-A-Plenty!

Both true, right Allen Zeman?

3 thoughts on “Allen Zeman Endorsements-A-Plenty!

  1. Sterling and Miller should be in prison

    Neil Sterling and Barbara Miller should have went to federal prison with Beverly Gallagher. They laid Low for a few years—Miller took off to Italy until the dust settled and it appeared that Sterling dropped out of lobbying for a few years. Now they are back to take funds away from our public school children to line their pockets because elected officials in Broward only care about the campaign contributions and the perks they get in office. Miller and Sterling should look over their shoulders everyday because one of these days the FEDS are going to lock them up where they belong. I guess they think they got away with escaping prison. The FEDS are back in Broward. This time Miller and Sterling won’t be so lucky 😎


  2. Captain Redbeard Rum

    Tom, you should keep an eye on the mayoral race in North Lauderdale between Ziade and Borgelin, who has very close ties to Bolton. Take a look at Borgelin’s May 2022 campaign contribution report—it seems unbelievable that 40 local individuals all donated exactly $50 in cash to Borgelin’s campaign that month. You would think there would be some kind of variation when the contributors span residences from Miramar to Parkland and in between. Not one person wrote a check? Come on, man…. It might be fun to see if they all happen to attend the same North Lauderdale church.



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