Broward Commission Candidate Hazelle Rogers Deletes Payment To Delaware Based Company Just Hours After News Report

Hazelle Rogers and The Purple Bird

Broward County Commission candidate Hazelle Rogers deleted a $22,150 payment to a brand-new Delaware corporation just hours after REDBROWARD exposed its existence, records show. On July 10 2022, REDBROWARD asked Rogers about the payments to Purple Bird Communications which uses the same post office box address as Rogers’ campaign. Rogers never responded to our request for comment. On July 11, 2022 we posted the story.

According to Broward Supervisor of Elections records, on July 11th at 10:21PM, Rogers filed an amended June 2022 campaign treasurer’s report. The report deleted the June 28, 2022 payment to Purple Bird Communications. Rogers gave no explanation.

But the amended report changed the address for Purple Bird Communications. Instead of Rogers’ PO Box, the new report lists the address of the registered agent in Delaware. The agent forms Delaware corporations for a fee and then accepts mail and correspondence on behalf of the true owners. This is required by Delaware law.

However, the registered agent is not the person providing campaign help to Hazelle Rogers.

The next morning, the Rogers story was blasted to the nationwide subscribers of Florida Politics’ Sunburn.

While the report was amended, big questions remain.

In the end, the true owners of Purple Bird Communications picked up a big check from Hazelle Rogers.

Who owns Purple Bird Communications? Why are they using same address as the Hazelle Rogers campaign? Did a check get sent to the PO Box? Who cashed that check?

Is Rogers’ trying to cover up her original report with this new amendment?

Rogers is running against Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas for the District 9 seat. The August 23rd primary is open to all voters.

Hazelle Rogers’ Amended Report
Hazelle Rogers Gave New Adress

6 thoughts on “Broward Commission Candidate Hazelle Rogers Deletes Payment To Delaware Based Company Just Hours After News Report

  1. Thomas Brown

    So not a word about the Congressional hearings into the many wrongdoings of Donald Trump and the gestapo tactics of DeSantis, but you worried about payments to campaign vendors.


    1. Tom Lauder Post author

      Thanks for reading Thomas. If you want coverage of national topics, may we suggest a news outlet that covers national news like CNN, Fox News or something similar. If you want a daily dose of gestapo tactics try Hogan’s Heroes. It airs on METV weeknights starting at 10PM. That Colonel Hogan is a hoot!


    2. Stephanie Kienzle

      And not a word about the Congressional hearings into the Biden family’s criminal play for pay with China and Ukraine.

      Oh, wait…


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