Police Union Endorsement Yanked Over Candidate’s Ties To Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin

Tamarac Talk reporting on Tamarac Commission candidate Stuart Michelson losing key union endorsement over ties to Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin. IUPA local 6020, which represents Broward Sheriffs Office employees, was unhappy to learn Michelson gave a $1,000 contribution to Gelin.

“Vice Mayor Mike Gelin used his position as vice mayor to undermine multiple law enforcement officers’ right to due process and publicly berated a law enforcement officer during an award ceremony,” wrote Matt Cowart. “These incidents involving Vice Mayor Mike Gelin were discussed with you during your endorsement interview, and you failed to disclose your support of him during the interview process.”

IUPA switched its endorsement to Joseph Lanouette.

Read full report here.

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