Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich Wanted To Keep Lifesaving COVID-19 Treatments Out Of County Parks

In a stunning move Monday, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) revoked an emergency order which allowed medical professionals to administer lifesaving monoclonal antibody (MAB) treatments to COVID-19 patients. Without show any clinical evidence, the FDA claims MAB drugs are ineffective against the omicron variant. The move forced medical professionals to immediately close treatment centers across Florida. But an effort by Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich (D-MSNBC) offers more proof that Democrats wanted curb MAB treatments for weeks because they were championed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, public parks across Broward County have been used to provide free testing, vaccinations and treatments. These parks allow for centralized locations with enough space and parking to accommodate treatment facilities and logistical support. But documents obtained by REDBROWARD, show Broward Commissioner Nan Rich wanted to keep MAB treatment facilities out of county parks.

When her attempts to get the item on the commission agenda were rejected, Rich, a former State Senator and gubernatorial candidate, sent a “memo to the board” outlining her move to halt the free, lifesaving treatments at county parks.

In addition to her memorandum, Nan Rich provided two news articles critical of the MAB treatments. A headline from the left-wing Daily Beast declared “Ron DeSantis Opens Antibody Centers That Are Useless Against Omicron.”

One Broward County insider claims Rich felt MAB treatments allowed some residents to forego getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Clearly, the political fortunes of Governor DeSantis play as big a role as actual science in Nan Rich’s view of COVID-19 treatments. Why should Broward and Florida residents pay the price for Nan Rich’s partisan political views?

Doesn’t public health come before politics?

(Ha! just kidding. we know it doesn’t.)

Nan Rich plans to discuss her views at Tuesday’s County Commission starting at 10AM.

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