Candidate Tells Sun-Sentinel He Received Threats From Father Of Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick

Candidate Elvin Dowling sent this hot tip:

“I just sat in a Sun Sentinel Endorsement interview with the Editorial Team (Steve Bousquet, Daniel Sweeney, et. al.). On the interview were all of the CD-20 candidates not currently holding office (myself-Elvin Dowling, Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick and Phil Jackson). During the meeting, Emanuel Morel informed us all that he received a call on Sunday evening from someone identifying themselves as the father of Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick. He said that the person threatened him against running against his daughter (over the course of two separate phone calls that were apparently witnessed by members of Mr. Morel’s campaign staff). Mr. Morel stated that he felt his life was threatened and that he has contacted the FBI who is investigating the calls as we speak. The reporters then asked Ms. McCormick if she knew anything about this. She immediately began telling a story pof how there was a meeting of Haitian ministers and that she simply spoke with them and urged them to consolidate their votes for her. Mr. Morel happens to be of Haitian descent. She stated that she had no knowledge of her father making the calls. Mr. Morel then stated that he had the phone number from which the calls originated [954-288-1222]. The reporters asked Ms. McCormick if she recognized the number. At first she stated she did not and then stated that she has a lot of numbers connected to her campaign that were similar in nomenclature and it could be one of hers but she was not sure.”

That telephone number is no longer in service.

Even though he was in a meeting, Emmanuel Morel confirmed the tip.

more to come.

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