Broward Republican Party Official Richard DeNapoli Whines Over “RINO” Questions, Yet He Never Explained His “Conservative” Resume To Party Faithful

Richard DeNapoli

Republican State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli spent Tuesday night trying to convince party faithful that the Broward GOP leadership was “RINO”-free. DeNapoli’s declaration was met with resounding boos and even cries of “liar” from the crowd at a Pompano Beach restaurant. “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) is a pejorative term used against less-than-conservative Republicans. REDBROWARD posted the exclusive video of DeNapoli at a Tuesday Jews For Trump event.

After video was shared among party activists, DeNapoli tried to do damage control. DeNapoli posted a post-midnight screed in an obscure online chat group where he called attacks on him “fake news.” On Facebook, DeNapoli was quick to scold party members who shared negative stories about him. DeNapoli told one Republican woman, “Why would you post that fake news garbage?”

Richard DeNapoli Scolds Republican Woman

DeNapoli has fought off the RINO tag since he was accused of supporting Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in the US Senate race.

In 2018, REDBROWARD reported on a series of issues which called into question DeNapoli’s claim to be a staunch conservative. On Tuesday, DeNapoli claimed he was “America First before it was cool to be America First.”

Our original 2018 is below. We report, you decide.

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