Dale Holness calls for help

Broward Mayor Dale Holness screamed for security when confronted by a voter at a packed Lauderhill restaurant Saturday night. Amid new rules for social distancing and a curfew, Dale Holness held his fundraiser at a crowded Joy’s Roti Delight restaurant. A Youtube video posted by CallYouOut captured the encounter.

According to the voter, more than twenty people were in the second floor room listening to Holness. Earlier in the week, Holness announced private gatherings of more than ten people were against the law. The voter called Holness a “tyrant” and a “coward” as he screamed for restaurant employees to remove the voter.

As the voter enters the main lobby, you can see you handouts on a table. One is the Dale Holness flyer for the event. The other stack of handouts is the controversial “People of Principle PAC” race card featuring mostly black candidates. On Friday, REDBROWARD exposed the group’s ties to Mayor Dale Holness.

People Of Principle PAC card at Dale Holness event

You can watch entire video here.