Broward Elected Officials Take Part In Radical “Defund The Police” Meeting

Sabrina Javellana

Three of Broward County’s elected leaders spent their Saturday afternoon speaking with radicals and socialist activists seeking to “defund” local police departments. The “Reimagining Public Safety” webinar was hosted by Broward Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter Broward and the Broward Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). These same organizations are behind the recent protests i. downtown Fort Lauderdale and all across Broward.

Earlier this month, REDBROWARD revealed these groups were urging followers to read books by Mao and Stalin. In a previous webinar, the host revealed the groups’ goals are the abolition of police departments, the abolition of prisons and the elimination of the Broward State Attorney’s Office. So why would any elected official be a member of such radical groups?

Once again, Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana joined the anti-police group to share her “disgust.” Javellana explained her plans to defund police. She told the group that vacant police department positions carry a $150,000 yearly salary.

Then, Tamarac Commissioner Michael Gelin spoke to the young radicals. Gelin explained his long-term plans to defund police which included ending a contract with the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO). Gelin said 107 deputies were not needed to protect a safe city like Tamarac. Gelin felt Tamarac needed just 30 or 40 police officers.

Gelin said drunk drivers should be ticketed and sent home in an Uber instead of being arrested. Gelin claimed the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school could have been avoided if they defunded the police.

Gelin praised the Black Lives Matter Weston group. Their organizer said she is sending a letter to Weston leaders about creation of a “diversity board.” She urged participants to sign onto the letter.

Earlier this month, REDBROWARD revealed Gelin shared anti-police social media posts from a follower of Louis Farrakhan.

Coral Springs Commissioner Joshua Simmons took part in webinar but did not speak.

It appears Javellana, Gelin and Simmons have no issue with any of these groups and their radical ideologies.

Also, it appears these leaders are encouraging these groups to interfere in other cities to further their agendas.

Is this why voters in Coral Springs, Tamarac and Hallandale Beach elected them?

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