Ignorance is “Bliss?” Operatives Ready To Expose Questionable Lifestyle Choices Of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

Political operatives are poised to expose racy photographs of a Speedo-clad Sheriff Gregory Tony at local swinger events. A Republican operative shared some of the photographs of the embattled Sheriff Tony at events hosted by “The Bliss Club.” According to its website, The Bliss Club is the “[number one] private party organization in the world for young, fit, attractive bi-sexy women and select couples.” The Club claims to host “scandalous and outrageous underground erotic theme events, club invasions, pool parties and group vacations.”

On its signup page, The Bliss Club states, “We are one of, if not the only truly screened lifestyle events in the world that bases membership acceptance on physical attractiveness.”

REDBROWARD obtained photographs of Sheriff Tony attending “Liquid Bliss” pool parties in 2015 and 2016. At each event, Tony wears nothing but a tiny bathing suit and sunglasses.

While the photographs are five years old, the Republican operative worried that Tony still engaged in the lifestyle promoted by groups such as The Bliss Club. The operative stated Tony has become a huge embarrassment for Governor Ron DeSantis who appointed him last year.

Today, Sheriff Tony admitted to keeping details of the 1993 shooting of Hector “Chino” Rodriguez from Governor DeSantis. The Florida Bulldog first reported a 14 year old Tony was charged with the murder of Rodriguez in Philadelphia.

Speaking with The Sun-Sentinel on Sunday, Sheriff Tony said he didn’t remember the details of the shooting.
“We’re going back 27 years ago,” he said, emphasizing that authorities ultimately cleared him.

The Sun-Sentinel details Tony’s failure to disclose the shooting:

Helen Ferre, the governor’s communications director, said DeSantis was told Saturday by his chief of staff, Shane Strum. She said she didn’t know if Tony reached out to the governor’s office or if Strum learned about it from news reports.
Until then, Ferre said via text, “the governor was not aware of this 1993 incident when Sheriff Gregory Tony was a 14-year-old living in Philadelphia with his family.”
Tony said he didn’t think disclosure would have impacted the governor’s decision. “You’re saying that I should have disclosed a horrific incident that I faced as a 14-year-old kid, where I had to survive a shooting,” he said. “… Why would I put myself in a position where I’m talking about a brutal attack that I survived, for the sake of an interview? I don’t think anyone would have done that.”
He said he spoke with DeSantis this weekend, and the governor “wanted to see me continue to push on and not be distracted with the politics down here and keep doing what’s right for Broward County.”

The Republican operative believes the Governor should not face further embarrassment due to the behavior of Sheriff Tony.

“Tony was a cop for nearly a decade,” the operative said. “Governor DeSantis was right to assume a certified police officer like Greg Tony had been fully vetted by his department.”

With the August Democrat Party primary looming, Sheriff Tony needs to address all of these issues forthrightly. While consenting adults can conduct themselves however they choose in private, Tony’s position as Broward’s top cop leaves him open to these lines of inquiry.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

24 thoughts on “Ignorance is “Bliss?” Operatives Ready To Expose Questionable Lifestyle Choices Of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

  1. Jamie

    Morally unqualified individual for the Sheriff position. Broward deserves better. Governor needs to act.


  2. S Florida Corruption (@sflcorruption)


    Oh well, don’t want to vote for Israel really, but at least we believe he will keep cleaning up BSO.
    We would remind all that during his time as sheriff, Israel arrested, fired, and prosecuted more of his own deputies than all the sheriffs before him combined. Think there were fifteen or sixteen.

    DEM or REP, something like that gets our support.
    That’s just our personal opinion. We also tell voters to vote their conscience, or in the case of judges;
    Vote them out every time.


  3. BLUE FL

    If you think this should make you question someone’s character. Are you questioning Trumps character?


    1. Debbie

      Oh PLEASE!!! Trump has been more scrutinized than any public figure in the history of the world! NEXT!


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  6. Billy

    Sheriff Tony needs to be replaced. He wouldn’t talk to the Union and had crazy outbursts when speaking at press releases. He lied in all applications not documenting he killed a person. Now he’s photographed in daisy dukes with his naked wife at swingers party’s. What in the heck is going on. This guy is out of control. Can’t believe he gave himself more stars on his lapel. Broward county wants him out. Wake up Governor DeSantis.


  7. Scott

    Tony promoted himself with 5 stars on his uniform which was a sign of a power hungry person . Why in the most democratic county in Florida would he refuse to meet with the officers union his first 400 days in office . This man called press conferences and wailed like a mad man. 88 per cent of his officers voted no confidence ad did 85 per cent of his supervisors. He attacked and talked down to every one at BSO. He lied every time he opened his mouth. Now we find out he killed as a teenager and his stories are not matching the facts. He broke the law not documenting his arrests on applications. Now he was discovered in a swinger society with photos to prove the allegations. Total embarrassment to the fine staff at BSO and the citizens of Broward County.


  8. Temporary Tony

    This guy is con man if I’ve seen one. He keeps it a secret that in self defense he shot a guy 5x in the head. Then we are finding out he purposely changed the spelling of his last name as a way to make it more difficult for his past to be known. He should not have a chance to be on the ballot at all. Rest assured that if this was one of his employees he would terminate them.


  9. Articwolf

    For those who say that is his personal life, what an stupid answer you just made, this guy it is suppose to be a moral figure for the community , his job it is not the same as yours.. how would he arrest prostitutes in a hore house if he goes there to have fun ?… no t wonder .



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