Broward School Board Member Rosalind Osgood Voices Support Of Radical Views That Basic Security Measures Belong In Prisons Not Schools

On Thursday, Scott Travis of the Sun-Sentinel shared what might be the dumbest letter ever written by a Broward politician. Travis tweeted a copy of a letter sent to the Milwaukee Board of School Directors by Broward School Board Member Rosalind Osgood. Milwaukee school leaders were considering purchasing sixteen new x-Ray scanners to replace broken ones at local schools. Even though Osgood referenced the February 2018 tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School, her letter voiced clear opposition to even the most basic school security measures.

According to her letter, Osgood spoke with minority students at MSD just a month after the shootings. She wrote that one student worried that extra police on campus would kill him. “Dr. Osgood, why would put my life at risk like this,” the student asked her. “I don’t want to worry about being shot by the cops too.”

According to Osgood, the students were more afraid of metal detectors than getting shot by police. She claimed they did not want to feel like they were in prison.

Osgood told Milwaukee school leaders that use of x-Ray machines, surveillance cameras and school guards/police patrols would be “traumatizing” to students.

Osgood wrote, “Think how students of color feel going through machines meant for jails. Prisons come out of a legacy of slavery. Think of how immigrant students feel when these machines are marketed to border patrol, which has ripped apart families; or how trans students feel when the bell goes off accidentally, forcing them to have their bodies invaded by a pat down.”

She continued, “It makes me sick that my community gets used by policymakers all over the country to further promote a prison-like culture in schools.”


Rosalind Osgood’s argument to Milwaukee school leaders parrots the language by a “youth group” leading the charge against the purchase of new x-Ray scanners. This week, Milwaukee school leaders failed to approve the purchase of new security machines. But members of “Leaders Igniting Transformation” (LIT) vowed to continue fighting against all basic security measures at Milwaukee schools.

“Right now, young people in Milwaukee Public Schools suffer through a harsh school environment with metal detectors at the front door and severe exclusionary school punishment such as suspensions and expulsions,” said Dakota Hall, the executive director of Leaders Igniting Transformation, or LIT, which focuses on social and racial justice issues.

Hall told Milwaukee NNS, “We plan to fight for the resources necessary to ensure that every school is equipped with the quality staff, including teachers, nurses, social workers and counselors that young people deserve.”


According to the LIT website, the Leaders Igniting Transformation are “aligning radical youth of color led organizing, liberation and anti oppression teaching, public policy innovation to create political power that meets the needs of and controlled by young people.” LIT claims to be “Inspired by Assata Shakur & Huey Newton, we work everyday fueled by their powerful quotes.”

Who is Assata Shakur?

Born JoAnne Deborah Byron on July 16, 1947, in New York City, Assata Shakur is the first woman to appear on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list. An activist in black radical groups such as the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, Shakur was convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper in 1977, but supporters helped her escape prison and take refuge in Cuba.”

“On May 2, 1973, Shakur was in a car with two BLA members, Sundiata Acoli and her close friend Zayd Malik Shakur. State trooper James Harper stopped them on the New Jersey Turnpike. Another trooper, Werner Foerster, followed in a different patrol car. During the stop, gunfire was exchanged. Werner Foerster and Zayd Malik Shakur were killed, and Assata Shakur and Harper were wounded. Shakur was later charged with the murder of Foerster and spent several years incarcerated before her trial.”

Who is Huey Newton?

“Huey Newton was an African American political activist who co-founded the Black Panther Party in 1966. When Newton was convicted for the fatal shooting of a police officer, his imprisonment became a common cause among activists in the United States. The slogan ‘Free Huey’ appeared on banners and buttons at protests across the country. He was later released after two re-trials resulted in hung juries.”

“About a year after the Black Panthers first rose to prominence, Newton became entangled in a high-profile legal case. The case centered around the death of John Frey, who died after pulling over Huey Newton and a friend for a traffic stop. Newton was arrested at the scene. In September 1968, he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and received a sentence of two to 15 years in prison.”

“Newton’s incarceration became a major cause among young radicals and activists. “Free Huey” buttons and banners could be seen at protests and anti-war rallies nationwide, and rallies for Newton’s release were held in numerous American cities. At the time, police actions against Black Panthers in other cities made headlines.”

Why would Broward School Board Member Rosalind Osgood support a radical group in Wisconsin? Should we encourage such radical political indoctrination of Broward minors?

Does Osgood support the removal of security guards from Broward schools?

Does Osgood think security guards and metal detectors turn the Broward School Board building into a “prison?”

Does Osgood think security guards and metal detectors turn the Broward County Government building into a “prison?”

Does Osgood think security guards and metal detectors turn the Broward County Courthouse into a “prison?”

Does Osgood think security guards and metal detectors turn the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport into a “prison?”

Does Osgood think security guards and metal detectors turn Hard Rock Stadium into a “prison?”

Does Osgood think security guards and metal detectors turn the Broward County-owned BB&T Center into a “prison?”

REDBROWARD asked Osgood for comment. We will update story if she responds.

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