Mueller Report Clears President Donald Trump: No Collusion, No Obstruction Of Justice

Attorney General William Barr just released a four page summary of the Mueller report to Congressional leaders. According to Barr, the Muller team found no collusion between President Trump or his campaign with Russians. Additionally, the Mueller team laid out information regarding the obstruction of justice allegations without drawing conclusions. Attorney General Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined the evidence showed no obstruction of justice.

Read the full memo here.

2 thoughts on “Mueller Report Clears President Donald Trump: No Collusion, No Obstruction Of Justice

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    This story is misleading.First yes Atty.Mueller investigation states no collusion( well I hope not,if that was the case Pres.Trump could be brought charges of Treason( which could carry the death penalty( anyone in military either enlisted or officer would face death penalty if military judge felt warranted,and if Trump Commander in Chief ,well,well yes).So yes it’s good news a President was not guilty of collusion( his son Don Jr.thats another story, me thinks DA in Manhattan is probably investigating the bunch).So no collusion.However Mueller states as far as obstruction of Justice Mueller states not enough evidence etc so Trump not guilty but doesn’t exonerate.him( Trump) which u can draw the conclusion that Mueller in his capacity( role) did gather evidence but not enough to reach treshwhole under his powers as Special What was title magistrate etc.In other words evidence gathered as far as obstruction doesn’t suffice to Mueller actually bringing charged.Again however doesn’t mean DOJ couldn’t pick up where Mueller left off.But politics being politics under Trump appointed Atty.Gen Barr will never pass the baton.No kidding.What needs to be done is Mueller full report should be released in it’s entirety.This notion oh no can.t release because some that were investigated but no charges filed etc would ruin their reputations.Then simply redact their names.We paid for this investigation.Which took complete and cost us over 20 million dollars.Just today Senate Maj.Mitch McConnel shot down Shumer request to make report public.Thennu go to court to realease report.Atty.Gen.should release report .Will he?.Probably not.Bottom line pertaining to Obstruction of Justice was stated no charges but does not extornate.Which tells meueller was stating dig and dig deeply u will find your Obstruction of Justice .Which in my opinion is reference to Roger Stone getting Clintion emails through Russians leaked by WikiLeaks.Trump was informed.I would bet my balls.Lastly, I would not pop the cork on the champagne just yet because the DA in Manhattan has the goods(evidence) which was passed to them from Mueller.My advice to Democrats sir back relax take People stand and move on.Let DA in Manhattan take over,which they r doing.I think they will nail Don Jr soon as to his involvement etc.Baton New York ( DA) from Mueller.Thats we’re Mueller comment investigation complete but doesn’t.t exornate Trump.Speaks volumes…


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    to close where obstruction is when he fired Comey for the sole purpose to squash,hinder Comey investigating Gen Flynn.Also maybe not obstruction but other charges that Trump knew was when the Russians hacked Clintion and Pondesta emails.Then they gave emails etc to Assange( WikiLeaks) who then gave to Roger Stone.( U piece of shit).Trump was made aware.Hence.Trump cheated to get elected through Stone.Stone thinks oh Trump will Pardon. Stone is modern day Bennedict Arnold.Traitor..And that Judge presiding over Stone should have revoked bond for his threat.Kidding around was his alibi.Plus this piece of shit when he called Just Stern daughter the C word.No worries Judy Stone is going to be found guilty.Trust me.He is betting( heavy) Trump pardons.Will see…



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