Marjory Stoneman Douglas Teachers Angry Over News School Administrators To Be Transferred

According to a source, Marjory Stoneman Douglas teachers may walk out of class this week over news that three school administrators were to be transferred. The transfer of Assistant Principal Jeff Morford, Winifred Porter and Denise Reed comes in the wake of MSD commission testimony claiming students warned Morford and others about Nikolas Cruz. No word if students will join the teachers in any potential protest. The source said Principal Ty Thompson was not being transferred.

1 thought on “Marjory Stoneman Douglas Teachers Angry Over News School Administrators To Be Transferred

  1. Frank

    Hello. Wanted to comment about stoneman douglas. Not the article per say. But an issue with me not understanding a few things.
    The morning of the shooting, there were drills going on. A Fire drill took place. And there was a scheduled code red where students were told and teachers that fake gunfire could be included. Thats not where the lack of understanding takes place. Its something more under the radar. How , when they had the fire drills and the monitors being monitored and watching the camera feeds live, how did the feed turn into a 20 min viewing delay during the shooting. Let me explain.
    2:21 shooting begins
    2:28 shooting ends, Cruz exits building
    2:43 police are trying
    to find principle for the keys to the camera monitoring room
    2:54 Coral Springs PD heard on dispatch instructing police to hunt Cruz, said “hes moving from the third floor to the
    second, possible gas mask on”.
    3:02 police realize its a delayed video they were watching.
    ( the police did not change it) Hmmmmmmmm. Delayed video. If the video was live feed during the morning hour fire drills,
    WHO physically entered into the computer the info to set it for a 20 min delay and for what purpose. It was manually set. Lets see what Runcie had to say on the matter. ” There would be no point in having a video system in the school with a delay. Why would anyone have that”.
    Then he was quoted on saying, ” Stoneman Douglas like other broward public schools has cameras that show images in real time but can also be viewed on a tape delay.”
    Sheriff Scott Israel was quoted on saying,” I did not know anything about the video delays but would look into it.”
    The camera systems are controlled by the school board not broward sheriff’s office. If I were doing an investigation I would find out the vendor who had the contract for cameras for that school go back and find out the system they used in find out why there was even a 20 minute tape delay viewing option. I’ve asked teachers and principals that I’ve come in contact with if they’re camera system has a 20 minute tape delay, they all said the same thing that they’ve never been trained that there was a 20 minute delay and why would there ever be a 20 minute delay in school system cameras. what would even be the point of having a 20 minute tape delay as Runcie said.
    There were a few other anomalies that I feel took place that I picked up on. If you look at the official 3rd 2nd 1st floor diagram and the official movement of students teachers deceased bodies and Cruz he exits the building by himself. There were interviews after the shooting where a girl said she exited the building with Nicholas Cruz. She actually spoke to him on the way out the building and said to him if there was ever going to be a school shooting I would have thought it would have been you. If she is telling the truth then that means the official narrative of the diagram and the movement of people in that building is false. Lastly there wasnt one single video from news agencies or helicopter showing Cruz exiting the building and walking running across campus and exiting. He must have gone by cops on the way out. Why wasn’t Nicholas cruz being looked for post shooting at 2:28. As I recall a security guard saw Nicholas Cruz exit a vehicle and walk into the building with a suspicious bag. At that point his name should have been blasted on the PA system or over the radios to allow police and school security monitors to know Nick Cruz is being looked for. Im very sorry to relive these tragic moments, but its been bothering me from day one. I would love to hear opinions. Thank you.



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