As REDBROWARD previously reported, sworn testimony shows a March 2016 robo-call attacking Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Bill Julian was orchestrated by Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London and lobbyist Evan Ross. Both men revealed their roles in testimony to David Schulson of the Broward State Attorney’s Office. In February 2017, London appears to claim the vote over the Diplomat development project at the heart of the robo-call was politically motivated.

London said, “So that was a setup. I set [Julian] up and he took the bait, and hopefully he goes down with it.” It did bring down Bill Julian. He lost the November 2016 election to Anabelle Taub. In his sworn testimony, Evan Ross stated Keith London was her campaign manager.

Even though the Broward State Attorney cleared Bill Julian last year, many of the facts surrounding the scandal remain hidden.

Last week, REDBROWARD revealed the mystery woman who recorded the call was Marna Winter, the mother of lobbyist Evan Ross. Keith London said she had a “good voice.” Many political insiders believed Hallandale Beach Commissioner Michele Lazarow, a close ally of London, made the call.

In her story, Dirty Cowardly Lobbyist Tricks Part 5: Shameless skullduggery on full display, Stephanie Kienzle wonders who paid for the robo-call. Kienzle has written extensively on Evan Ross’ dealings in Miami-Dade politics.

On February 7, 2017, (two weeks before Keith London testified under oath) REDBROWARD reported Anabelle Taub’s final campaign treasurer’s report listed a November 4, 2016 in-kind contribution from Public Communicators Group for $200 worth of robocalls. According to State of Florida records, Public Communicators Group is managed by Evan Ross. Was this the Julian robo-call? Perhaps, not.

On February 20, 2017, Assistant State Attorney David Schulson asked Keith London who paid for the robo-call attacking Bill Julian. London said, “That’s a question for Evan.”

Two weeks later, Evan Ross answered Schulson’s questions


Ross testified he had access to a system “through a vendor” to make robo-calls to residents. Ross said he paid by the minute. Schulson asked Ross if he paid for the call.

Ross testified, “I didn’t pay personally, no. That call was paid for by a gentleman by the name of Sam Dan.”

Schulson asked who is Sam Dan. Ross said, “He is an acquaintance of Commissioner London.” Ross said he had no idea what Dan did for a living but “I believe he used to live in Hallandale and now lives out of state.”

Ross said Dan paid $50 the call. Schulson asked, “So he paid you?” Ross said, “No. He paid another company that then paid me.”

Schulson said, “Oh, the money was filtered? Transferred to you?” Ross answered, “The money went to somebody else, and then I was subcontracted effectively to do it.” Ross never identified the alleged middle-man.


In a telephone interview, Samuel Dan told REDBROWARD the $50 payment was an “innocent contribution.” Dan said Keith London asked him to be involved in the call. Dan said he’s been friends with London for twenty-five years.

In fact, Dan said he was living with London when he mailed the check to Evan Ross.

He said he met Ross through London. Dan said he could not remember who the check was made payable to.

Why did Keith London tell Schulson the identity of Sam Dan was a question for Evan Ross? Did London forget his friend of twenty-five years?

Who was Dan’s check made payable to? If payment was made to a company then to Ross, why did Sam Dan mail the check to Evan Ross?

Hallandale Beach deserve answers, right?