In sworn testimony to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London and lobbyist Evan Ross revealed the identity of the woman whose voice is heard on the March 2016 robo-call attacking then Commissioner Bill Julian. To this day, many political insiders believe Commissioner Michele Lazarow, another London/Ross ally, is the woman on the call. While under oath, London and Ross testified the woman on the call was Marna Winter.

Who is Marna Winter?

She is Evan Ross’ mother.

During his February 2017 testimony, Keith London was asked whose voice was used on the call. London said, “It’s–can’t remember her first name. Evan Ross’ mother.” Asked why his mother made the call, London stated, “She has a nice voice. She has no interest [in Hallandale].”

Later Assistant State Attorney David Schulson asked London for Evan Ross’ telephone number in order to get her name. David Di Pietro, Keith London’s attorney, told Schulson “I’ll get you the name.”

Di Pietro said he would text Ross to get the name. Schulson asked, “Okay. I mean, I assume you know him also.” Di Pietro said, “Yes, I know him. It might be a weird text. But—”

In his March 2017 sworn testimony, Evan Ross stated his mother’s name is Marna Winter Dellerson.

When asked who was the woman on the call, Ross said, “The woman is my mother.”

Ross said the call was recorded at the home he shares with his brother and two women.

More to come…

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Quiet strange , when you listen to the voice on the robocall sure sounded a lot like Michele Lazarow’s whiny voice (“not a nice voice”) more like nails on a chalkboard, and if you compare her voice that you can hear on the cities recordings of Commission meetings if you can bear to listen to her, when you compare the inflection and dialect on some matching words like “Hallandale” you don’t need to be an expert to tell that it sure sounds a lot like Lazarow. What’s also strange about the robo call to hallandale residents , is that there is no campaign or electionerring statement as to who the call was being made by of on behalf of for which candidate or PAC or which candidate approved the message, clear violation of campaign laws. Also hard to believe that Bill Jullian , 10 times accidentally left a message on the robo call, that the most absurd story, and somehow the former city attorney left a recoding too, sounds a lot more like these people were recorded intentionally without their knowledge, another clear violation of the law, and since these 10 recordings all ended up in Evan Ross’s hands shouldn’t be hard to figure out who may have broke the law, and since London and Lazarow were also involved not hard to figure out who Ross’s con conspirators might be. So many laws seem to have been broken, yet the apparent perpetrators are now running Halandale City hall. Sounds more like an organized crime ring than a city government.

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