UNHINGED: Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Keith London Goes On Papazazzi-Style Rampage During City Commission Meeting

London goes berserk (again)! In May, Hallandale Vice-Mayor Keith London was caught on video hurling vicious, homophobic slurs at an African-American resident. London’s bizarre, profane diatribe on a city street was posted on Facebook. WSVN Channel 7 included snippets of London’s disgusting performance in a bombshell report that revealed Broward Sheriff’s Office investigators were looking into Hallandale Beach corruption.

This week, London whipped out his camera phone to harass members of the general public attending a Hallandale Beach City Commission Meeting.

While Mayor Joy Cooper attempted to restore order, Commissioner Anabelle Taub recorded London walking around the audience. London appears to believe the audience is filled with his enemies. He focused his camera on an unidentifiable female sitting alone in the audience. After returning to the dais, London continues to record his colleagues. He asks Taub how much she paid to have people sit in the audience.

In her Facebook post, Taub wrote, “The intimidation tactics by Vice Mayor London continue. He just harassed members of the public sitting in the audience.”

In a reply to a user comment, Taub expressed regret for once supporting London. She wrote, “Agreed. It’s reprehensible behavior. I am very sorry for falling for his lies, deception and that of his cohort. I wanted to make our streets safer….. Had no idea I was being bamboozled. One lives and learns. And as they say- there are NO friends in politics.”

3 thoughts on “UNHINGED: Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Keith London Goes On Papazazzi-Style Rampage During City Commission Meeting

  1. Stephanie Kienzle

    Hallandale Beach residents should be reminded that this lunatic, and his partner in “crime,” Michele Lazarow, had their last elections run by Shady Boy-Lobbyist Evan Ross, whose corrupt tactics have already wreaked havoc on the cities of North Miami Beach (where he is no longer welcome) and North Miami, where he continues to run amok. HB residents should also be aware that Evan Ross installed his girlfried, Helen Boyer, in a local apartment last July for the sole purpose of having her run for office in the next election. Ross will stop at nothing until he gets full control of the business of the city, including and especially, development. The antics of Vice Mayor Keith London are a direct reflection of the company he keeps.


  2. Fed up in Hallandale

    Ross , London and Lazarow are as shady as they come , Shake down artists , the sooner they are behind bars the better things will be for hallandale residents


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