Fort Lauderdale Candidates’ Final Debate

On Tuesday evening, the Council Of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations presented a “Meet The Candidates” forum at Fort Lauderdale City Hall. Sun-Sentinel reporter Brittany Wallman posed questions to candidates in the Mayoral, District 2, District 3 and District 4 races.

Click here and here to watch Fort Lauderdale Mayoral candidate debate (Bruce Roberts, Charlotte Rodstrom and Dean Trantalis).

Click here to watch Fort Lauderdale District 2 candidate debate (George Castrataro, Steve Glassman, Chad Maxey, Tim Smith, and Lester Zalewski).

Click here to watch Fort Lauderdale District 4 candidate debate (Walter Duke, Ben Sorensen and Warren Sturman).

1 thought on “Fort Lauderdale Candidates’ Final Debate

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Although i haven.t seen the debate as of present i have had enormous feedback.Name that keeps coming up is LBGT activist Micheal Rajner or is it Rayner.Im not to family w/ him because he is not a Ft.Lau resident.Which is somewhat confusing since again he is not a resident.Why is he so concerned when he doesn.t even live in the city.One would think he would be more involved in the city he lives in.Tell you another issue with this man.Brought to my attention that he is on disability.Another one.If these disability S S recipients can go to meetings etc.then they can get a job and be gainfully employed.Oh he is not alone he has plenty of company.I say now, then, and in the future-GET A JOB.Sourced say no fireworks Robert with the mayor canidates.Brittany went easy on them,since she shared the debate.I would have asked Roberts why it was his vote to give former Police Chief Frank Adderely 35k to pay his lien with the IRs.I would have asked Trantalis while on the board at the Broward House why he came to the defense of an alleged child molester.And i would have asked Rodstrom her thoughts on the 200 thou it cost the city for her past special election.None of these issues where brought up.Why?.Ask the moderator.Also thank you sources for letting me know about the absentee ballots.Thank you for letting me know about the tabulations leaks.Well now its on to Tueday the 16th.Good luck to all..



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