Dean Trantalis Called Bahia Mar A “Stellar Example”Of Fort Lauderdale Development Just Ten Days After He Voted Against Project

Ten days after he cast the sole vote against the project, a YouTube video from the May 2016 Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Mayor’s Breakfast shows Commissioner Dean Trantalis praising the Bahia Mar project as a “stellar example”of Fort Lauderdale development. Like too many city commission meetings, the May 10, 2016 Bahia Mar discussion lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Before voting against the project, Dean Trantalis said, “I don’t want to see Manhattan on Fort Lauderdale Beach … This is a fragile ecosystem that we have on the barrier island.”

When he attended the May 20th Mayors Breakfast and Municipal Expo in Plantation, Dean Trantalis did not talk about “fragile” ecosystems. Trantalis said the current Bahia Mar site is “languishing there as a huge asphalt wasteland with a third-rate hotel.” He praised the proposed development of two 29 story towers, “as well as a refurbished hotel and many other amenities.” Trantalis never mentioned he had just voted against the two towers and refurbished hotel.

There was no mention of barrier islands and ecosystems when Dean Trantalis praised beachfront projects like the Four Seasons Hotel, The Paramount and the Conrad. He described all four projects as “stellar examples” of Fort Lauderdale’s “rapid pace program…to encourage investment in the city.”

With his campaign for Mayor facing a January 16th primary, Dean Trantalis has suddenly done an about face on development. At last night’s Sun Sentinel mayoral debate, Trantalis said he was open to a moratorium on new development in the city.

Can voters trust a guy who praises a project he denounced and voted against less than two weeks earlier?

Did he tailor his message to a roomful of realtors who make a living selling beachfront condos?

Is Dean Trantalis willing to say or do anything to win votes?

REDBROWARD asked Dean Trantalis for comment. We will update story if he responds.

Fort Lauderdale voters deserve answers.

3 thoughts on “Dean Trantalis Called Bahia Mar A “Stellar Example”Of Fort Lauderdale Development Just Ten Days After He Voted Against Project

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    One thing i do is play fair.I would have been on that stage but like the late George Burns stated the people that should be running this country are to busy cutting hair and driving taxi cabs.Im too busy cutting hair.You bring up a valud point here concerning Trantalis.One way to knock gim out if the lead Bruce and Charlotte is his ex lover Richard Smith.Remember the Grand Wizard(bill Scherer) tried nailing him with the property next to the Casaablanca the beach.Oh Dean was behind that.Smith doesn.t poop w/out calling Dean.Also when i discovered Smith voted for Trantalis when he used Dean address when he didn.t wven reside there.Member Rodstrom lost by 67 votes.Then the didler.Member when Trantalis was on the Broward House and the guy( his name escapes me(judy work your magic) and the didler was raising this boy who allegedly he molested and the boy committed suicide.Trantalis stuck up for the didler(sic) and stated that he wasn.t tried in a court of law etc(sure the kid was dead) and that he felt no case.Hold on then former county comm.Lous Wexler stated don.t get rid if the didler Broward House no more funding.They got rid of him.Crow was on Trantalus face.Bring this out.Trantalis loses traction.Hence race then is between Roberts and Rodstrom.Get to work guys..


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    The other issue i have is the leaks at the SOE.My source tells me that SOE staff member gave Bruce Roberts campaign manager Judy Stern the early results if the absentee ballots.Some will say all Stern got from Bellis was w/in the law.The damage control(im gonna nail both of u) that all she got was how many votes were from Democrats.How many from Republicans etc
    .First of all its a nonpartisan race.Secondly no big deal than where is Stern public records request(well).What she got the actual counts .How many for Trantalis(lead-she nearly ate her shoe).How many for Roberts.And how many for Rodstrom.No way is this legal.I don.t care how u spin it.Some will say your wrong Robert(moles never lie to me-my mole hates Bellis and esp.Stern-And i get it mole had her own agenda) all she got was partisan break down.Bullshit.Then Some will say(stern) look whos talkin u got the actual counts yourself.I can.t even vote madam,futhermore your Roberts campaign manager.Hello.A fifth grader understands the difference.Then im getting be careful there Suckerboy cause u may have to snitch(never) who gave u the actual counts.All call your bluff all day long madam.I don.t give a rats ass who loses their job,goes to jail etc.Because if i spill the beans the mole states Bellis gave the same stats to Stern.What happens to me?.Nothing.What could happen to Bellis and Stern?.Quite simple fatso loses his job and possible criminal charge and the Iron Lady(Stern) also could face charges.Alrhough she knows she is in the same boat im in(just the receptient of the info-same as you Robert).So Bellis takes the hit.Fine with me….


  3. City activist Robert Walsh

    I got to tell you(Judy &Bruce) the latest smear against Trantalis made my day this am.Oh they got this minature characterture of Dean (calling him Deano- my nickname for him) playing the piano.Then referring to Sinatra My way.Oh too funny.Inciedently,i find none of these ads if you will homophobic,or a jab to his sexuality(cheap shot).Anyhow in reference to the debate i think all three of them did great.No winner take all that night.Also to note anyone of these candidates would do a great job as mayor…



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