FAKE NEWS? Rupert Tarsey Launches Vanity Website As National Newspaper Readies Story On His Criminal Case

Last week, Rupert (Ditsworth) Tarsey, the controversial Broward Republican, launched a vanity website touting how he’s a great guy. A ridiculous press release from a public relations website announced the Black Friday launch of “RupertTarsey.com.” The announcement stated, “The website provides an overview of his progressing political career, community service background, and his philanthropic passions.” The PRWeb post made no mention of Tarsey’s brutal attack on a female classmate more than ten years ago.

Rupert Tarsey hit Lizzie Barcay with claw hammer more than forty times before leaving her for dead in a California street. Tarsey was charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He would later plead guilty to the aggravated assault charge and receive six years probation as well as monitored treatment.

News of Tarsey’s criminal past made international headlines in September after he planned to replace the current chairman of the Broward Republican Party.

The new website appears to be another attempt at reputation management. The site is filled with platitudes, meaningless statements and pictures of Rupert Tarsey’s wife and children.

The press release includes a statement from Tarsey:

“I am excited about the launch of my new website,” said Rupert Tarsey. “Being a young Republican, I strive every day to make positive contributions to our society. I hope that this website will serve as a hub for the public to get a deeper understanding of my background, experiences, and values in life. I want to be open and transparent about my political viewpoints, as well as my dedication to community service, my faith and my family.”

Sources tell REDBROWARD that a national newspaper will publish another exposé into Rupert Ditsworth Tarsey later this week. Does Rupert Tarsey think this vanity website will soften any blows? Does he hope to fool people into believing his site over a national newspaper?

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “FAKE NEWS? Rupert Tarsey Launches Vanity Website As National Newspaper Readies Story On His Criminal Case

  1. David L Rosenthal

    Why don’t you ever cover the long history of violent and perverse crimes of the sergeant-at-arms of BREC?



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