Conflict Of Interest? County Emergency Radio Project Manager Married To Employee Of Winning Bidder

Late last week, Broward County admitted the project manager assigned to the public safety radio project is married to an employee of Motorola, the company with the winning bid. In a February 3, 2017 affidavit, project manager Jose De Zayas admitted his wife, Evelyn De Zayas worked as an engineer for Motorola. He said she was aware he was the project manager, but “there were no discussions or commuincations between myself and Evelyn De Zayas regarding this proceurement.” De Zayas said he did not perceive this to be a conflict of interest.

De Zayas stated he informed Daniel Revis, Brett Bayag and Rick Carpani that his wife worked for Motorola. Bayag was a member of the evaluation committee which scored the bids from Harris and Motorola. The affidavit does not state when De Zayas told Bayag about his wife.

An affidavit from a Motorola lobbyist states the company was aware of the possible conflict. Asked if Motorola was aware of De Zayas’ marriage to the project manager during the proceurement process, Mitchell Nowak responded affirmatively. He said, “One person on the Motorola project team was aware of the relationship and acknowledges having briefly met Ms. De Zayas a single time years ago. The balance of the Motorola project team was unaware of the relationship.” Nowak never identifies the team member. Nowak said the information was never disclosed.

It’s unclear why the County and Motorola is disclosing the potential conflict now. The public safety radio deal will be discussed at Tuesday’s Broward County Commission meeting.

Last month, REDBROWARD reported Broward County Commissioners voted to defer a vote awarding the public safety radio contract to Motorola after Harris Corporation filed a protest. The seven members of the evaluation committee gave the highest scores to the Motorola bid even though it was $4 million dollars higher than the Harris bid.

Harris Corporation lawyers Michael Moskowitz and William Salim stated Motorola failed to disclose lawsuits to the evaluation committee. Salim singled out troubling cases involving the deaths of Houston firefighters and Tallahassee first responders. Salim wanted the evaluation committee to review the information about the lawsuits.

In its response, County staff simply stated compaines are supposed to disclose lawsuits. Staff said the County Attorney is supposed to search for undisclosed lawsuits. Staff does not say if such a search was conducted in this matter.

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