Top 5 Videos Of 2016

5. Bee enthusiast and part-time political consultant Dan Lewis does not want to talk shop at a Broward Judicial Robing.

4. This voicemail by the late Broward Health CEO Nabil El-Sanadi shows how local insiders manipulated and hounded this poor man in the hopes of landing contracts with the hospital district.

3. Lea Krauss’ inability to think on her feet is just one reason why she lost her bid to become a Broward County Circuit Court Judge.

2. In a year when voters wanted straight talk, Barbara Duffy’s blunt assessment of Circuit Court Judge Matthew Destry shows why voters put her on the Broward Bench.

1. Millennial’s panicked over being called out for their BS always makes for good video. When a millennial grabs the camera it becomes great video.

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