Nilda Raben
Stewart Webster, the former chairman of the Broward County Diversity Advisory Council,launched a verbal race-based attack on a Trump volunteer at the West Regional Library this morning. Webster, a Democrat, drove up on a group of Trump supporters waving signs at early voting. Webster rolled down his window to speak with Nilda Raben of Tamarac. Webster said, “Unless you’re getting paid, I am ashamed of you for wearing that shirt.” 

Raben was wearing a Trump t-shirt.

As Webster drove away, Raben said, “That’s a racist attack on me. How dare you?”

Raben told REDBROWARD she is originally from Brazil but she’s “a proud US citizen.” Raben said she’s glad her husband was not there to witness the attack.

Webster has run for elected office in Tamarac and served on several Diversity boards. He was a member of the School Board of Broward County Diversity Committee.

Shame on you, Stewart.

Stewart Webster