Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car? Call The Di Pietro Legal Dream Team?

On Monday, Hallandale Beach Commissioners Keith London and Michelle Lazarow held a press conference to discuss the discovery of GPS tracking devices on their vehicles. Last week, in front of WPLG Local 10 investigative reporter Bob Norman’s camera, London took GPS devices off vehicles owned by himself, Lazarow and candidate Annabelle Taub. London turned the devices to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 

“We have received a complaint and are reviewing it to see if we will investigate,” said FDLE spokesman Phil Kiracofe.

Lazarow and Taub are facing off against controversial Democrats on the November ballot. Taub is challenging Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Bill Julian. In August, Julian admitted to accepting favors in exchange for his vote on a city development project.

Bob Norman reported, “When asked about those apparent favors and played the audio recording that he had no idea existed, Julian immediately admitted that he had agreed to accept those gifts during negotiations in a meeting with one of the project developers, Michael Meyers, and Orshefsky, a partner in the Holland & Knight law firm and one of the most prolific development attorneys in South Florida.”

Lazarow’s opponent, Alexander Lewy claimed the whole matter was a “political stunt.”

Lazarow’s lawyer shot down the political stunt claim. “A crime has been reported,” Brian Silber said. “Evidence has been disclosed and they are reviewing this matter to determine if a violation of criminal law has occurred and who committed the crime.”

David Di Pietro Claimed He Found Tracker On His Car

Last April, former Broward Health chairman David Di Pietro claimed he found a GPS tracking device on his car. Like Keith London, Di Pietro claims he was being followed prior to finding the device. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Di Pietro found the device, removed it and placed it on his washing machine. “And then, in another twist, he said it appeared to have been stolen. He said most likely the person who snatched it gained entrance with a key hidden near a door to the garage. But he said he did not file a police report.

David Di Pietro’s “Legal Dream Team” for his lawsuit against Florida Governor Rick Scott included Brian Silber and Jay Spechler. Both men appeared with the Hallandale Beach commissioners at Monday’s press conference. Di Pietro has advised London on political matters in the past.


There is no reason to doubt Commissioner Keith London was being followed. He shot video off one man who WPLG later identified as a local private investigator. London and Lazarow have been constantly attacked attacked by corrupt forces who dominate Hallandale Beach City Hall. Bill Julian and Alexander Lewy should be kept off the Hallandale Beach Commission. Period.

But what are the odds that the David Di Pietro Legal Dream Team lands two GPS tracker cases in a six-month period? Sure it could be a coincidence.

But why did David Di Pietro fail to file a police report in April? Not only did he think he was being followed. Not only did he find an illegal tracking device.


And, as regular REDBROWARD fans know, Di Pietro is married to Broward County Judge Nina Weatherly Di Pietro. Surely, BSO and other law enforcement agencies should be alerted if someone broke into a judge’s home, right?


5 thoughts on “Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car? Call The Di Pietro Legal Dream Team?

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    Gps tracking devices? Are we in a tv crime drama? The whole situation has to be investigated by law enforcement unconnected in any way to politics. This really is as low class as only South Florida Illinois n Louisiana can get. We citizens deserve better.


  2. Oh

    It’s rumored that David Di Pietro is actively Lobbying the Republican Party to include his wife Nina Di Pietro on a new Republican Palm card.


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