Florida Democratic Party Reaching Out To Broward Republicans

This week, the Florida Democratic Party sent two mailers to Republican households in Broward. This reporter received both. Thanks FDP!

Both mailers are clearly targeted at Broward Republican women. Adorned with pink paper dolls, the first mailer claims Donald Trump’s statements about women are “demeaning and degrading.” The piece states, “His words have consequences and his policies will impact our lives.” Pretty sure FDP isn’t referring to Trump’s mandatory maternity leave plan for working mothers.

The second piece shows an alleged moderate middle-aged woman who claims she’s “in a tough position.” She says her husband dismisses Trump’s tough talk as “bluster and chest-puffing.” But she isn’t so forgiving.

The piece says “I don’t see how I can cast a vote for this man. I can’t tell my kids to treat others with respect and then tell them I voted for Trump.”

The actor allegedly says, “It’s just too much.”

Gee, didn’t this same issue come up in the post-debate spin from Team Hillary? Have you heard the AstroTurf outrage over Miss Universe?

It’s almost as if the Florida Democratic Party coordinated these mailers with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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