Sun-Sentinel: Elizabeth McHugh “Best Choice” For Broward Clerk Of Courts

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Political newcomer Elizabeth McHugh has won the endorsement of the Sun-Sentinel in her race against Mitch Ceaser to be the next Broward Clerk of the Courts. Ceaser, the longtime chairman of the Broward Democratic Party, is facing a tough challenge from McHugh, the administrative director of the Broward Public Defenders Office. Brenda Forman, wife of the current clerk, Howard Forman, is running as well.

The Sun-Sentinel wrote, “With McHugh, we envision a well-run clerk’s office that will put a premium on efficiency, innovation and customer service. ‘I was made for this job,’ she said. We agree.”

On Wednesday evening, all three candidates spoke before the Haitian American Democratic Club in Plantation.

This video doesn’t exist

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