Tim Canova Bashes Wasserman-Schultz Over Fracking & Debates

Tim Canova claims Congresswoman Debbie-Wasserman Schultz is ignoring key Democrat constituencies by ducking further debates with him. Speaking outside the monthly Broward Democratic Party meeting in Plantation, Canova said Wasserman-Schultz has rejected debates from a Spanish television station and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), a African-American civil rights group. 

Wasserman-Schultz did not attend the Democrat meeting.

Canova said he received “fantastic” feedback on his debate performance. Canova and Wasserman-Schultz clashed on the CBS-Miami Sunday morning program hosted by Jim DeFede. “We want more debates…for constituencies that have not had their issues covered,” Canova said. “[Wasserman-Schultz] ingores the Hispanic community.”

Canova blasted Wasserman-Schultz on controversial fracking in the Florida Everglades. “My opponent can’t come out against fracking. No doubt because of money she’s receiving from fracking interests,” Canova said. He worried that fracking interests’ influence over Tallahassee lawmakers would weaken environmental and drinking water protections.

“We took a strong stand against fracking. I’m fighting for the people, not corporate interests.”

Canova and Wasserman-Schultz square off on the August 30th ballot for the CD 23 Democratic nomination.

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