Broward Judicial Candidate Betsy Benson Says Whites Cannot Be Trusted To Identify People Of Color 

Broward County Court Judge, Group 13 Candidate Betsy Benson told African-American audiences it is a scientific fact that white people cannot reliably identify people of color in a court of law. Last week, Benson made the shocking statement at an event hosted by the NAACP. On Monday, Benson’s statement was recorded at a black pastors event in Fort Lauderdale.
Benson stated, “A white person identifying a person of color is usually wrong because cross-racial identification is highly suspect.”

At a Monday evening forum hosted by the Weston Republican Club, Benson failed to make her racially-charged case. During the Q&A session, REDBROWARD asked Benson to explain her comments.


  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As a genealogist who has written,been published on racial ancestry, and been involved in lawsuits touching on such issues I find her statenents about Studies on cross racial indentifications to be WRONG INACCURATE PHONY BALONEY and she obviously has an anti -White bias so many left wingers seem to show.


    1. Benson Buster says:

      As a pandered, she was a little more vague to the Republicans by making a broad statement about any race. In her mind, a black man can’t give testimony against a white man either. It’s NOT 1955. Her license to practice law should be revoked for such racist drivel.


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